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Part of GMT Publishing, WorldTempus is based in Geneva, the heart of the luxury Swiss watchmaking industry.


The WorldTempus editorial team is passionate, curious and knowledgeable. It comprises renowned journalists who provide the most accurate and trustworthy information about the latest watch news and trends, insider secrets and industry news topics on a daily basis.


WorldTempus has offices in Geneva and Shanghai, with a network of correspondents in Europe, the USA and Asia.


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Thumbnail Anne-Marie Belcari

Anne-Marie Belcari

Watch Journalist - Geneva
Thumbnail Mathilde Binetruy

Mathilde Binetruy

Watch Journalist - Geneva
Thumbnail Olivier Cerdan

Olivier Cerdan

Publisher of Côte Magazine Geneva
Thumbnail David Chokron

David Chokron

Watch Journalist - Paris

Kristian Haagen

Watch Journalist - Copenhagen
Thumbnail Marie Le Berre

Marie Le Berre

Watch Journalist - Geneva

Brice Lechevalier

Editor and Publisher of GMT Magazine - Geneva

Olivier Müller

Watch Journalist - Paris

Roberta Naas

Watch Journalist - New York

Paul O'Neil

Editor-in-Chief of WorldTempus

Serge Panczuk

Watch Collector - Geneva

Marie de Pimodan-Bugnon

Watch Journalist - Geneva
Thumbnail Willy Schweizer

Willy Schweizer

Curator of the Girard-Perregaux Heritage
Thumbnail Miguel Seabra

Miguel Seabra

Watch Journalist - Lisbon

Keith Strandberg

Watch Journalist - Geneva
Thumbnail Robin Swithinbank

Robin Swithinbank

Watch Journalist - London

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Brice Lechevalier
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Paul O'Neil - Editor-in-Chief of WorldTempus

Paul O'Neil


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International Sales Manager


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Lexicon Translator

enIntegrated circuit

frCircuit intégré

deIntegrierte Schaltung


itCircuito integrato

Definition of the day

Integrated circuit,

An interconnecting group of electronic components designed to perform one or more functions. Integrated circuits for watches using CMOS technology occupy a surface area of a few square millimetres.