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Accessories - Five essential gifts for the watch lover

Accessories Five essential gifts for the watch lover

He's mad about watches and you don't know what to get him? Some items are sure to strike at the heart of his passion.

Watches are a selfish passion, but it is a passion that is neither solitary nor exclusive of other items. It is easily shared and gladly allows other objects in its midst. They are accessories that live alongside the watch fan (or collector) and go with the object of his passion. Here are some options.

A watch winder

Automatic watches wind themselves, as long as they are worn. Once removed and put down, they end up stopping. In order to keep them wound, on time and more importantly at the right date, a winder simulates how the wrist moves. RDI offers a wide selection of finishes and materials, all of them based on a unique and premium design which perfectly accommodates wood, stone or metal. A cubic design is the preferred option, because it allows for several winders to be placed in a block.

Five essential gifts for the watch lover

A large case

One never knows exactly where to put one's watch. On a night stand, in the hallway alongside the keys, on a dresser at when getting undressed...Yet a watch is a fragile thing and it must not be dropped, or be placed next to anything that could scratch it, not to mention being kept out of reach of children, who love to play with a crown and sometimes throw heavy objects... A watch fan, even a beginner, easily owns three to five watches. He therefore needs a place to store them, keep them away from harm. A watch case, preferably with a glass lid and a velors lining, like the Wolf Windsor, is a must.

Five essential gifts for the watch lover

A travel case

It may seem odd to those who don't understand watches. But just like you go on vacation or on a business trip with several outfits, you also go with several watches. In order to match the circumstances, the place, the colours you are wearing, two or even three watches are the bare minimum. When you are travelling, it’s even more important to protect your watch. A travel case, of the solid kind rather than a soft pouch, delivers that. It should be elegant and shock resistant. The Travel Case 16B Oversize from Scatola del Tempo will never let you down and will never be too small. 

Five essential gifts for the watch lover

A watch analyzer

Is this watch correctly set ? How accurate is it ? Does it deserve the name chronometer ? At the time of purchase, or at any other point during the course of its life, a watch must demonstrate its chronometric value. Since owning professional equipment is out of the question (too cumbersome, too expensive), there's no way to find out without staring at a watch for weeks on end. Unless you use a Watchscope from Lepsi. This small tool works with a smartphone and listens to the heartbeat of the watch to calculate its accuracy.

Five essential gifts for the watch lover


If you love watches, then you love movements, too, at least the way they look. But they are mostly hidden, on a wrist, in a drawer. Hence the use for an accessory which takes a cue from watch design, and also proves useful. A pair of cufflinks like the Encelade 1789 Rotor in black PVD will fit perfectly with a dinner jacket. It is a way to wear time at arms' length and on the wrist at the same time.

Five essential gifts for the watch lover 


Encelade-1789 explores its family values and the conventions of Swiss haute horlogerie to offer avant-garde accessories based on the unique concept of rotation.

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A family firm based in Switzerland, RDI is active in the watch accessory business, notably producing high-quality winders for mechanical watches.

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The Italian brand that is striving for perfection with its watch cases and watch winders.

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