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Bulgari - The award-winning Octo

Bulgari The award-winning Octo

In addition to two prizes at the GPHG this year, Bulgari’s Octo has picked up a number of other awards this year.

La Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic a remporté le très convoité Prix de la Montre Homme au Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2017. Mais précédemment, elle avait déjà été élue meilleure montre de l'année aux prestigieux Tiempo de Relojes Awards, lors du Siar de Mexico, un mois avant, couronnée montre de l'année par le magazine L'Orologio en Italie, et présélectionnée dans la catégorie "Design Stars" des Germany’s Watch Stars 2017/2018. Non contente de battre des records (c'est la montre-bracelet automatique la plus fine du monde), l'Octo Finissimo Automatic a également été saluée par les experts horlogers du monde entier.

Autre modèle de cette même collection, l'Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton, a aussi remporté un prix dans la catégorie «Tourbillon et Echappement» du GPHG. En plus d'illustrer parfaitement la polyvalence de la collection, ce deuxième prix a une fois encore démontré la popularité et le succès de la gamme Octo. Ces récompenses sont aussi une forme de reconnaissance de la légitimité de Bulgari au sein de l'industrie horlogère et rappellent que la marque a énormément plus à offrir que la joaillerie pour laquelle elle est la plus connue.

L’Octo multi-couronnée

Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton © Bulgari

The surprising thing about the Octo is that it is rapidly gaining the status of a cult watch even though it has a relatively young design. Compared with models from other brands whose designs date back to the 1960s and 1970s, the current Octo collection is just five years old. What gives the Octo its appeal is the fact that it is so different from any other designs on the market. Because of the complex shape of the case, which has numerous individual facets, with a combination of brushed and polished finishes, the Octo successfully marries the square with the circle without you really noticing it. Look closely, however, and if you traced a line around the extremities of the case you would end up with a shape that resembles more a square than an octagon. The bezel, on the other hand, is a circle. But the many angles on the lugs and the octagonal interior flange cause the two distinct shapes to intermingle, giving rise to the Octo’s distinctive shape.

In its short lifespan the Octo has evolved into a fully-fledged watch collection with a range of different movements – from the simple three-hand classic (the “Solotempo”) all the way up to the minute repeater. In the Finissimo line, the self-winding, tourbillon and minute repeater versions are all record-holders in terms of the thinness of their respective movements. There is even a hand-decorated skeletonised version of the tourbillon movement that is no thicker than the record-breaking version at 1.95mm thickness, which represents an additional technical tour de force. But there is also a manually-wound calibre with power reserve visible on the back and a high-frequency (5Hz) column-wheel chronograph calibre found in the Velocissimo chronograph and the recently launched Octo Maserati line. The two extremes of the collection are set by the extremely elegant Octo Roma models at one end and, at the other, the extravagant Ultranero sapphire tourbillon with its pillars filled with green SuperLuminova.

L’Octo multi-couronnée

Octo Ultranero © Bulgari

The Octo collection is necessarily infused with the Italian touch and offers designs that appeal to a variety of tastes. Models such as the Ultranero, for example, have a more urban and contemporary feel with their dark accents and splashes of vibrant colours. The Finissimo models appeal to connoisseurs who appreciate the technicality that goes into complications such as the minute repeater and the skeleton tourbillon. While the Octo Roma, presented earlier this year, introduced a softer take on the case design to appeal to those who appreciate Italian elegance.

Given its success, the Octo collection is sure to evolve even further, and perhaps sooner than we think.

L’Octo multi-couronnée

Octo Roma © Bulgari

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Bulgari has its own clear definition of excellence, which involves the perfect balance between design, added-value, quality of its products and its worldwide service. In the case of Bulgari watches, it all started with the Bulgari Bulgari watch that led to the creation of Bulgari Time in Switzerland in 1982.

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