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Carl. F Bucherer - Partnership with Rinspeed Oasis

Carl. F Bucherer Partnership with Rinspeed Oasis

Carl F. Bucherer teams up with Rinspeed for the new urban car concept Oasis, which has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas

Renowned watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer and automotive powerhouse Rinspeed have been working together in partnership for the past ten years. What unites the two companies is not only their Swiss roots, but also a shared philosophy – in their never-ending quest for new solutions, ideas and innovative technologies. The year 2017 marks Rinspeed’s launch of the visionary concept car Oasis. Oasis is a fascinating interpretation of the electric car, perfectly designed for city life. Its futuristic look is created with large glass surfaces and decorated front wheels, while the inside of the car emulates living-room flair and is as welcoming and exquisite as a luxury residence, outfitted with an arm-chair, side-board and television. One highlight is the windscreen, which also functions as a screen for virtual and augmented reality. Directly underneath, the green area on the dashboard offers a space to cultivate living things, vegetation of flora.

The multi-functional automatic Oasis concept also serves as a stage to unveil one of Carl F. Bucherer’s first new product launches for Baselworld 2017. The new Manero Flyback is embedded within the steering wheel of the sophisticated vehicle, winding the watch and delivering energy with every movement - the ultimate watch winder.

Behind the classical rounded casing of the Manero Flyback there is a sophisticated automatic stopwatch. By pressing the zero-button it is possible to measure several time frames - one after the other - with minimal time loss. In the background the wearer can see the turning wheels of the stopwatch, which set the hands in motion again as soon as the zero-button is released, in contrast to conventional stopwatches, where the button needs to be pressed three times for a new start. The inside of the Oasis car provides the perfect backdrop for the Manero Flyback watch. The champagne-colored clock-face ideally complements the cognac-colored leather watch-band.

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Watches of technical perfection and beauty, through tradition and the force of innovation. Carl F. Bucherer is an independent Swiss watchmaker with expertise in the production of precious contemporary watches in the premium market.

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