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Architecture  - Parallel forms of expression

Architecture Parallel forms of expression

The same shapes, similar colors, identical construction. The art of watchmaking and architecture share a number of common denominators as architect Alex Leuzinger points out.

The watch : J12 Intense black by Chanel

Black is its color and light is its reason for being. Among the latest variations of the J12 watch that has been flaunting its distinctive silhouette for almost 15 years, the Intense black
model is fresh example of successful watch design. Deep black has become a major player on the watchmaking scene and is reinterpreted here in its most luminous version through the use of high-tech ceramic, the famous highly scratch-resistant material that has become the Chanel signature on this elegant and sporty collection. Framed by a 38 mm black ceramic dial, the dial indicates the hours, minutes and seconds in tone-on-tone mode using applied Arabic numerals. Like a chameleon or stealth aircraft, the J12 Intense black by Chanel clothes the wrist in a concentrated blend of technology and discreet elegance.


Chanel J12 Intense black


Its architectural counterpart: the Festival Hall of the “Tiroler Festspiele Erl”, Austria, by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects was founded in Vienna in 1993 by Elke Delugan Meissl and Roman Delugan : two talented architects who earned international renown right from the outset through various large-scale achievements including the Balken residential project in 1998, the House Ray 1 penthouse in 2003, as well as the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart built in 2008. These are architectural works distinguished by their standout lines, their character and their unique design language.

This exceptional and even unique form of expression is reflected in the Festival Hall of the “Tiroler Festspieler Erl”, through an almost futuristic geometry defined by the topographical conditions. Its inner courtyards connect the areas delimited by the architecture with its environment and make the ensemble delightfully permeable to both light and life. The sensual shape, along with the flowing visual and functional spatial references, are mainly aimed at creating this connection between the architecture itself and the surrounding natural space. The forms emerging from this interaction give life to something that looks very much like a UFO and naturally draws the gaze to its unusual colors and materials. In particular, those used for the façade create an aura of timelessness and of technical mastery.

In the case of the Festival Hall of the “Tiroler Festpiele Erl”, as in the J12 by Chanel, the use of the color black and ceramic for the dial, and of fiber cement for the façade of the building, fascinates the onlooker as well as evoking a sense of classic elegance. This exclusive language is pervaded by a degree of innovation and refined workmanship that are capable of rendering a classic model truly unique.

Creative momentum is doubtless the link between these two works that are distinguished by their uniqueness and by the feelings they inevitably stir.

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Through her life, Gabrielle Chanel embodied strength, character and a fierce desire for independence. Maison CHANEL, avant-garde and constantly innovative, has come down through the decades to become an unmistakable symbol of distinction, elegance and refinement.

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