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Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts - Like a picture

Christmas gifts Like a picture

When we were little girls, we dreamt of looking like – in no particular order – Sleeping Beauty, Barbie, Brigitte Bardot and Madonna. And today? Which stars influence our watchmaking decisions.

While our little girls dream of receiving Hello Kitty clothing, and our sons swear by the motorised heroes in Cars or the superpowers of Pokemon characters, what about our own ability to resist the influence of the stars on our free will? Are our choices like those of our children, remote-controlled by marketing? While the personification of feminine watchmaking by movie, singer or sports icons is not the sole factor involved, it undoubtedly contributes to shaping our tastes. For Christmas, we freely admit it, head held high! What we want under the tree is the watch worn by our favourite stars.

Like Liz Taylor…

A star, a watch… Elizabeth Taylor, the Serpenti… Two characters inextricably linked for more than 50 years. Although Bulgari launched its first snake-inspired jewellery creation in the 1940s, it was only from 1962 that the reptile watch became a veritable icon, worn by Liz Taylor on the set of Cleopatra. Since then, the Serpenti has unceasingly evolved without losing any of its venomous glamour. For the 130th anniversary of the Italian company, the legend is interpreted in a Serpenti Spiga model which marries white ceramic, pink gold and diamonds in a sinuous embrace around a wheat ear motif.

Conclusion: “The only Italian word that Elizabeth knows is Bulgari” said Richard Burton. Come to think of it – when it comes to Christmas – the same applies to us! Although, come to think of it, in addition to the watch, it is also possible to order an Italian conversation guide for dummies.


Bulgari - Serpenti Spiga


Like Cameron Diaz…

Charming ambassadress Cameron Diaz has embodied the TAG Heuer woman for enough time for her face and style to be well-anchored in the brand’s communication. Dynamic and beautiful, accomplished and sensual, Cameron Diaz wears an Aquaracer Lady. Before even personifying this model, the Hollywood legend bought it for herself: “ The very first watch that I bought myself was a TAG Heuer dive watch… that I actually used for diving. It was my most precious object and I wore it for years, both for its functionality and its look.” Coral-pink gold, sparkling diamonds and smooth mother-of-pearl are the latest seductive assets offered by the 27mm Aquaracer Lady. And because Cameron loved it – we do too.

Conclusion: Before Cameron Diaz, there was Bo Derek. And what if we were to be the Aquaracer’s latest embodiment for Christmas?


TAG Heuer  - Lady Aquaracer 27mm


Like Carly Paoli…

After Yolanda Foster and Eleanor Cardozo, it’s British mezzo soprano Carly Paoli’s turn to personify Bedat & Co’s blend of refinement and elegance. Endowed with beautifully defined features and a gorgeous voice, the young diva has it all. Right down to her watch. When she’s not wearing a N08, she has the typical Art Déco Collection N°3 ref.384 model on her wrist. Stainless steel and diamonds highlight its daring curves inspired by the work of artist Paul Kiss. In concert, Bedat & Co and Carly Paoli set the tone for feminine grace.

Conclusion: This year, in front of the Christmas tree, we take our cue from Carly Paoli and sing. In tune, loud and strong. Not necessarily Christmas carols, but instead a kind of operatic incantation to be gifted a ref 384 watch from the Collection N°3.


Bedat & Co - Collection N°3 réf.384



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