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Editorial - A family Effort

Editorial A family Effort

It’s time to recognise the people who make things happen.

The physical limits of our world have grown very small in the last few months. A life that was once open to a multitude of surroundings is now confined to a handful of locations — one’s home, the nearby supermarket, a local park. Smartphones that once registered a plethora of geolocations and accessed a different country’s mobile service provider every other week are now locked in monogamy with the neighbourhood cell tower. Some of us haven’t seen our families in months.

Without the physical presence of our nearest and dearest, we rely increasingly on the support of the digital communities of which we are a part, using technologies that allow us to remain close to the people that we are accustomed to seeing around us. Families congregate at home, and the natural congregation point for the WorldTempus family is the WorldTempus homepage.

Creating a home takes a lot of work (ask any parent). Since we’re just a couple of days past 1 May, which is Labour Day, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about the people who tirelessly maintain this ever-growing home for our ever-growing family.

In the editorial team, Michèle Brunner is the most experienced and longest-serving member of WorldTempus. It’s due to her that our home is continually updated with new things for you to discover, that they’re in the right place at the right time (and in the right language). Keeping things upbeat with a big dose of millennial energy is our newest full-time member, Jordy Bellido, who has induced even the most jaded among us to rediscover watchmaking through the eyes of a fresh enthusiast. Joy Corthésy is a multi-talented writer and photographer with a keen eye for design, and while she’s been more of a neighbour who pops in to visit once in a while (in keeping with our metaphor of domesticity), I’m happy to say you’ll all be experiencing the joy of her presence a lot more in the near future. Rounding out the crew is our intern Ana Arroja, whose bright and spirited efforts keep our essential Watchfinder supplies well stocked and has even written some of the more cheerful articles you’ll find lying around our home.

Behind the scenes, the power duo of Cyrille Ouanich and Liah Millasson-Banon keep electricity running and put food on the table. Without them, this house would be on very shaky foundations indeed. The two Davids (Libert and Schneider) run SEO and design respectively, making sure that no matter how lost you are on the World Wide Web, you’ll always find your way back to our beautiful home. Every household needs a builder, someone who can do anything from add a new floor to fix a leaky pipe, and that’s our programmer Paul-Emile Digbeu. Populating our homes away from home is Isaline Peiry, who is continually finding new ways to take care of the WorldTempus family members who prefer hanging out on Facebook or Instagram. Last but certainly not least is, of course, our grand-patriarch Brice Lechevalier, who, despite having his hands full with running an entire publishing group, still finds the time to make sure we’re thriving and to chime in with his veteran perspective.

The world outside may be getting smaller, but WorldTempus certainly isn’t, and our doors are always open. Welcome home.