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Editorial - A time to celebrate

Editorial A time to celebrate

In praise of what brings us together.

A little earthquake rocked the Geneva neighbourhood of Eaux-Vives last Thursday evening. It wasn’t a real one, but believe me, it left quite a few people a little weak in the knees, unwilling to venture outside. 

Okay, enough with the double talk. We — meaning the WorldTempus team — and our sister publications GMT and Skippers, together with Fine Watch Club, hosted a little afterwork party last Thursday evening for our partners, supporters and other friends of GMT Publishing. Being a watch-focused bunch of people, we ended the party at 10:10, but in true GMT Publishing style, those few short hours were well filled with camaraderie, music, good food and drinks, and the shared passion for fine timepieces.

Why is this important, or at least worthy of a few editorial paragraphs? Because this is what we are all about — coming together with the interests that we have in common, whether online or in actual physical locations. It’s not just watches that we love, but the community and the people in it. And isn’t that what they say makes the world go round?

After the earth moves, we can look forward to new landscapes. The news drops this morning of the final selection of this year’s edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. Every day brings us closer to the awards ceremony, held on 7 November, where once again we celebrate the things that unite and define us.

If there’s one thing that has kept me writing about watches all these years, it’s this sense of community and shared passion. Just ten years ago I didn’t know a thing about mechanical watchmaking, and my world was very different. Not many people can say this, but fine watchmaking literally changed my life. How has it changed yours?