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Editorial - In The Spirit Of Giving

Editorial In The Spirit Of Giving

Because we’re determined to have a good start to October…

Hands up, those of you who can’t wait for the end of 2020! I’m guessing there’s quite a few of you — though I have to say that my arms are firmly by my side right now, for a couple of good reasons. First of all, I need both hands to type. Second of all, I do believe that there is plenty of good stuff left in 2020. (Plenty of not-so-good stuff too, but we don’t have to focus on that right this second.)

If there’s one thing that 2020 has effectively done for us, it’s to make us assess the preceding years in a wholly new way. The last two decades since the turn of the new millennium have been extraordinarily impactful in terms of global affairs and events — not just in the flow of economics and geopolitical changes, but in the fundamental changes that have taken place in our worldview and the rise of the digital generation. At the same time, there have been exceptional and unprecedented developments in the watch industry, most of which have been covered on this very website (or in the pages of our sister media, GMT magazine).

In The Spirit Of Giving

The Millennium Watch Book © WorldTempus/Joy Corthésy

You’ll have noticed that over the past few weeks, we’ve been publishing previews and extracts from a soon-to-be released book — a book created by our parent company GMT Publishing and timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of GMT magazine. Many of you have already placed your orders under the early-bird special price, which was supposed to end on 30 September. However, we at WorldTempus have managed to get an extension for those of you who may have forgotten to get your order in (what with everything going on in the world right now)… Bottom line is, we’ve managed to get you an extra week of the special price on the book, so there’s at least one opportunity you don’t have any reason to miss in 2020. Don’t forget to click through to any of our published extracts to get the additional promotional code before you lock in your order.

If you’d still like to hear more about the book (and the people behind it), why not check out this podcast with project managing editor and regular WorldTempus contributor Joy Corthésy? Among other things, she spills some highly provocative perspectives on watch categorising, and it’s worth a listen, we promise.

One last thing — because our Big Summer Competition wrapped up just last week (and you can see the list of winners here), we have an all-new giveaway lined up for you in the month of October. We hope it puts you in the right spirit for the week ahead, if you get my hint.

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5 October 2020
Jennifer Manghin
J'adore les surprises pour ce mois d'octobre même si je ne fais pas partie des gagnantes.Felicitations à eux