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Editorial - The Strongest Force of All

Editorial The Strongest Force of All

Technically speaking…

People say that love makes the world go ‘round. People are wrong. The world spins because of how it was formed, out of a vast and dense nebula of space matter which coalesced into this weird little planet we live on. Its internal collapse during this process set it spinning, and it’s still spinning today because things in a vacuum tend to stay moving the way they are. (Newton’s Law of inertia, the one you learned about in school and never saw the practical value of, is at work here, helping the Earth spin, stopping us all from dying nightmarish deaths.) Not to mention the molten outer core of our planet, also rotating and charged through with geomagnetism that keeps things interesting for us here on the surface.

You’ll see a lot of this “Love is the prime mover of everything” kind of sentiment this week, since it’s leading up to Valentine’s Day. I won’t lie to you, we’ve succumbed to it slightly ourselves, with our little selection of articles for our romantically inclined readers. But because we are WorldTempus, and because — as you know — things can get a little odd in the world of time, we’ve decided to pitch some unconventional Valentine’s Day watches your way. It’s just how we say we love you as you are, quirks and all. (Not that being normal is shunned, by any means; there’s something at the end of our list for those of you who still prefer red roses and chocolate hearts.)

Buying someone a watch for Valentine’s Day can be a tricky business. These things can cost quite a lot, and you never know how the light of your life and fire of your loins (a bit of Vladimir Nabokov there, although please don’t follow his protagonist’s amorous example) will receive your precious heartfelt gift. So, for all you special couples out there, we’ve arranged a bit of fun over on our Instagram account. Fancy yourself a Jack-and-Rose-from-Titanic kind of couple? Has she pushed you off a makeshift raft into freezing Atlantic waters recently? Take part in our online survey that seeks to find the right watch pairing for the world’s most iconic couples and duos. Next up: Asterix and Obelix. We’re not even kidding. 

As far as I’m concerned, serenade me with a litany of technical factoids, delve into the history of amorphous metals and futuristic alloys, and I’m yours. None of your flagons or apples for me, as celebrated as they were in the most romantic and profound love lyric ever written, the Song of Songs, reputedly written by King Solomon for the Queen of Sheba. (The official statement is that it’s about the church’s burning passion for our Lord. Yeah, ok.) If you want to know what kind of love letters I write, you should take a look at the carbon-fibre composite article I wrote last week. My mother would probably say this is why I’m still single. 

But love is love, as people say, and maybe they’re not wrong this time, unlike the ludicrously unscientific example that we opened with. And, in a way, love is the sunrise and the moonlight of our lives; it is what gives meaning to the relentless beauty of the world around us. I guess people aren’t always so wrong after all.