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Geneva Watch Tour - Season 9

Geneva Watch Tour Season 9

Discover the watchmaking origins of Geneva.

Created in 2012 by GMT magazine and since then picked up by the city of Geneva and all its watchmaking players, the Geneva Watch Tour – like the rest of the world – is experiencing a very unusual season in 2020. Even though a cautious attitude is still required, this summer seems to be shaping up favorably and one may hope that the cradle of watchmaking will enjoy a continued uptick. On this occasion, Switzerland stands out not only for its quality of life, its know-how in precision crafts and its productivity. According to a study published in June by the Deep Knowledge Group on the safety level and risk factor for COVID-19 in 200 countries, Switzerland ranks first in the world. The authors of the report attribute this first place to the current good epidemiological situation and the high resilience of its economy. Watchmaking professions are an integral part of this reality, as are those relating to hospitality – both of which we present in our traditional GMT summer supplement devoted to the Geneva Watch Tour. Did you know that the city’s watchmaking roots that go back to the 17th century? We describe them in the following pages (download here), as well as the actors and entrepreneurs of the renewal who are helping to perpetuate the watchmaking tradition of Geneva and Switzerland as a whole – to the delight of devotees of beautiful watches and visitors to our beautiful country.

Season 9

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