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Hautlence - Cross the Line World Tour in Singapore

Hautlence Cross the Line World Tour in Singapore

After inaugurating its tenth anniversary in September in Neuchâtel, Hautlence made its first stop on its world tour in Singapore on November 27th 2014.

Organised in collaboration with Cortina, the brand’s exclusive new point of sales, the event took place in a chic Singapore art gallery. On hand for this first stop of the Cross the Line World Tour were Georges-Henri Meylan, President of MELB Holding, owners of the brand, Bertrand Meylan, CEO MELB Asia, Guillaume Tetu, CEO Hautlence, as well as the brand’s creative partner, Eric Cantona. 

The event enabled guests to get a close-up view of the first Hautlence chronograph, the INVICTUS, Morphos limited edition by Eric Cantona. They also enjoyed the chance to view the brand’s iconic models alongside a range of street art works from the private collection of Hautlence partner, Eric Cantona. Street art, the “rebel” of contemporary art, powerfully reflects the ethos of the new wave of creative watchmaking embodied by Hautlence.



Commenting on the event, Guillaume Tetu said: “The event was a great success and the new INVICTUS, Morphos Limited Edition chronograph – the first result of our collaboration with Eric Cantona – enjoyed a fantastic reception, resulting in a large number of sales. In addition, our clients in Singapore are very sensitive to art and felt privileged to be offered a chance to view a part of the exceptional private collection of our brand ambassador, Eric Cantona.”

Speaking during the evening, Eric Cantona explained “how important it was to be involved in the design of the new watch that I find both exciting and beautiful – as well as sharing something of myself through my private art collection, which is a way of revealing my own personality. “

Georges-Henri Meylan, who has nurtured ties with the Lim family for more than 25 years, expressed his pleasure at continuing this close relationship with the next generation. “We are very honoured and pleased to be able to re-launch Hautlence in Singapore with Pacific Time as our partner and Cortina as our exclusive retailer. This is a wonderful collaboration between two families who have known each other for more than 25 years. I would also like to thank Eric Cantona for being here and for giving his creative input.”

After Singapore, Eric Cantona will accompany the Cross the Line World Tour to Hong Kong in December, for the next leg of its journey.




The brand

In less than ten years, Hautlence has demonstrated extraordinary technical capabilities for an emerging brand. The manufacture has always been keen to stand out from the crowd; very early on, it successfully established a distinctive aesthetic appearance.

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