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Montblanc - The Importance of Writing And Education to Novak Djokovic

Montblanc The Importance of Writing And Education to Novak Djokovic

Wednesday night in New York City, tennis legend Novak Djokovic joined Montblanc for the unveiling of the new limited-edition StarWalker writing instrument. The partnership is in support of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

While Djokovic is a brand ambassador for Seiko, and even has his own eponymous watch made by Seiko, the relationship with Montblanc is all about writing instruments and helping to educate children. The official unveiling of the piece was extremely exclusive, with fewer than 25 journalists in the room, along with Montblanc USA executives and some friends of Djokovic’s. 

Casually dressed in tan pants, white-collar shirt, blue blazer and bold white sneakers, Djokovic took the stage at the SoHo House to talk about his Foundation and his love of writing. In fact, he admitted that since he began his career in tennis as a youngster, he was encouraged to keep a journal – a habit he continues to this day.

Novak Djokovic Discusses The Importance of Writing And Education At Montblanc Launch

Novak Djokovic © Montblanc

“The journaling habit went through its phases,” said Djokovic, “There were also years where I wasn't writing as much.”  He points to sports and his hours on the tennis courts as a reason he writes. “Because I'm an athlete so I go through highs and lows in the hours on the tennis court. In terms of emotions, there is so much happening, so it is also the way for me to keep track of how I feel, how can I improve my performance.”

While he wouldn’t reveal any of his journal entries, he admitted that both he and his wife appreciate the fine art of writing with a fine writing instrument. They both own multiple Montblanc writing instruments, with a good Rollerball being his favorite. It is through their love of writing that Djokovic and his wife got close to the world of Montblanc. 

“My wife has a huge collection of Montblanc writing instruments, so when we established the first interaction and communication with Montblanc, we were both very excited, and we were very happy that Montblanc recognized the mission and vision of our foundation and what we have achieved so far,” said Djokovic. “Montblanc has been very active in supporting worldwide education programs, and so our foundation is the platform and channel through which Montblanc as an institution can support education around the world.”

The Novak Djokovic Foundation focuses currently on education of pre-school and Kindergarten-aged children in disadvantaged communities, such as in Serbia. “Our ultimate goal that we are convinced we can achieve one day in our country, is to have every child in our country attend and have an opportunity or have access to a to kindergarten or any pre-school program. That is our big goal for our country,” said Djokovic. He also said that eventually he would like to help other countries, most likely starting with the other surrounding countries that were once all Yugoslavia.

According to Djokovic, “Education is the link that is going to take us wherever we go in our lives.”  He also noted that by writing things down, it helps the memory – much more so than when you record something on the cell phone. “ I don’t think technology can really substitute that the feeling of [writing], and also memorizing what was talked about.”

Novak Djokovic Discusses The Importance of Writing And Education At Montblanc Launch

StarWalker Novak Djokovic Special Edition © Montblanc

The Montblanc Novak Djokovic Special Edition StarWalker writing instrument is sold with a matching notebook that is personalized with Djokovic’s signature. Just 300 sets will be made, each retailing for $740. They will be sold exclusively at Montblanc boutiques in New York, London, Paris and through on-line boutiques in America, England and France.


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