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Reuge - Keeping discussions in Davos cool

Reuge Keeping discussions in Davos cool

The Swiss music box manufacturer has found an original way to ensure that discussions between world leaders do not get overheated at the World Economic Forum.

Many of the world leaders attending this year's World Economic Forum in Davos will be staying at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere. Should they wish to hold more informal discussions in the hotel's sauna, traditional Swiss music box manufacturer Reuge has come up with a novel way of ensuring that things do not get overheated.

Reuge has installed one of its singing bird automata behind the window in the sauna. The mechanical automaton is set to go off every five minutes, to help delegates at the WEF keep track of the time they have spent in the sauna and avoid overheating.

Guests at the hotel can also enjoy the relaxing melody of a Reuge mechanical music box in the hotel's top suites.

“The world faces big challenges and we cannot risk that world-leaders overheat in the process of solving problems. We have installed a warning system that is built on proven Swiss craftsmanship founded on our 150 years’ experience. We think the Steigenberger / Belvedere Sauna is the ultimate location for problem solving. Therefore the Leaders will not only be warned in the Sauna but will also find a high end music box in their suites to cool down and keep the spirits positive” says the CEO of REUGE, Kurt Kupper.


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