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WorldTempus - Selections: the best of the watch world

WorldTempus Selections: the best of the watch world

WorldTempus is introducing Selections, a series of downloadable thematic reports in PDF format, to help you build up a digital horological reference library.

Since its launch in 2001, WorldTempus has decrypted watch industry news for its readers every day, with articles introducing new watches, reports on manufacturers, fairs and exhibitions, analysis of current trends, plus interviews with major watch industry figures. Our watch database, WatchFinder, which contains over 21,000 entries representing as many watches, helps visitors to quickly identify specific models by dozens of brands, and see their technical specifications at a glance. Finally, hundreds of videos help viewers to understand the inner workings of watch movements, decipher watch functions and share the sporting and cultural activities of watch companies.

All this information is available online, in French and English, on WorldTempus. 

Today, WorldTempus is offering a new, targeted way to keep up with the news, find out more about individual brands, learn about watch complications and gain access to the latest models. Selections are a series of reports published in PDF format. You can download them from WorldTempus and read them at your leisure, at home on your sofa, or while travelling. If you love chronographs, for instance, you might want to know which models were released this year, find out how a particular chronograph movement works, or learn what makes one type of chronograph different from another. Selections: Chronographs, with almost 200 pages, is a comprehensive source of information comprising articles, photos and videos.

Four Selections are now available, in French and English. Two of them cover specific watchmaking themes – Chronographs and Moon Phases – while the other two focus on major brands: Cartier and Audemars Piguet. Other Selections will be released in the coming weeks, to help you build up your own watch reference library.

Every Selections report begins with a preface by WorldTempus Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Wong, and continues with a selection of analytical articles from our experts, videos and additional articles on the models or brands discussed in the report. A final section provides a comprehensive listing of relevant watches listed on WorldTempus.

You can download Selections from the Library section of the WorldTempus online shop. They are priced at CHF 6 each, or at the special rate of CHF 15 for four.

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Don’t hesitate to email us if you’d like to see a Selection on a particular theme or brand. Our editorial team will be delighted to hear from you!

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24 October 2019
Paul Foster
World Tempus the best read on the planet,keep up the good work.
23 October 2019
Mark Tobish
Greubel & Forsey time pieces, are some of the most innovative, and aesthetically pleasing that I've seen consistently for years.! I would love to see an in depth look into the brand, if t's possible . Thank You .!