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Baselworld 2015
BaselWorld 2015 - The art of teasing

BaselWorld 2015 The art of teasing

As brands get ever more creative with their attempts to garner interest for watches that will only be revealed from 18th March this year, WorldTempus attempts to decode some of the more intriguing teasers for this year’s BaselWorld.

It’s the busiest time of the year in the watch industry and every brand is looking for the best way to grab your attention. Some have been tempting us with new models since January, some want to keep the surprise until the very last minute, while others look for more intriguing ways to capture our attention, offering us a taste of what’s to come without giving too much away.

The art of the teaser has become even more important with the increase in popularity of the Internet and social media. Brands no longer need to worry about leaking a photo of a watch – they actively do it themselves. It is just that the photo itself has been so cleverly orchestrated that it is just enough to pique your interest while still leaving you wanting to know more.

HYT - H3
In HYT’s case, the teaser for the brand’s third generation model takes the form of a profile shot of a dark watch against a very dark background. You can barely discern the silhouette but you can already see that something totally new is on the horizon. The give-away is the fluorescent liquid that is the brand’s signature. In this photo it is neither circular nor, as the brand recently unveiled, in a skull outline. Instead, it is horizontal. So, a linear scale. But is it for the hours, the minutes, for both… or for something else?

All will be revealed here on WorldTempus at precisely 14.00 CET on March 18th.



De Grisogono - Instrumento No. Uno
The name may not be new, and it has been used for decidedly square-cased watches in the past, with the exception of a couple of round models. But De Grisogono’s teaser for the new Instrumento No. Uno highlights the outline of a new case that is neither round nor square but a combination of the two. The proportions of this new case, which has a semi-circular protrusion at 6 o’clock, look impressive. The question is what will be inside it?


Corum - Don’t call me Bubble
Corum’s teaser video carries the hashtag #bubble and most of its content appears in bubbles bursting across the screen. So, a return of the brand’s iconic Bubble model then? Well, yes and no… The original Bubble model was unmistakably a fashion product and this is a segment that the brand no longer wishes to be associated with. So while the new model is undoubtedly inspired by the legendary Bubble, it will have a distinctively high-end watchmaking appeal to it.



Louis Moinet - M for ?
Fans of our Facebook page will have noticed our build-up to the launch of the new “chronograph watch” by Louis Moinet. They will know that it starts with the letter M, but will only discover the full name on the day of the launch. In the meantime, those who guess the name correctly on our Facebook page have a chance of winning a pair of cufflinks generously offered by Louis Moinet.



Although we may not yet know its name, one thing about the new Louis Moinet piece that we do know is that it will be more of a “chronograph watch” than a “watch chronograph”, highlighting the brand’s pioneering achievement as the inventor of the chronograph.

See the new model first on WorldTempus at 17.00 CET sharp on March 18th.

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