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Editorial All The News, All The Time

Introducing novelties in unexpected (and unprecedented) circumstances

In the past, when I used to write for a quarterly print magazine, the first two issues of the year would neatly correspond with the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), held in January, and Baselworld, which hovered somewhere between late March and April. That’s all changed.

By the time you read this, the world’s first fully digital watch exhibition will have opened its doors and exhibiting brands will have announced their first wave of new watches — you may already have read about some of them on WorldTempus. (If you haven’t, the link’s right here.)

Through circumstances beyond its control, Watches&Wonders Geneva, originally meant to be a rebranded version of the SIHH with a few key upgrades, has had to leave its predecessor’s template far behind and redefine itself within a new paradigm. From my own personal interactions with the organisers, I can tell you that they did it under great logistical and time constraints.

I find it inspiring and frankly encouraging to see this kind of energetic resilience, especially in context of an industry which has been accused of being reluctant to change, of being too entrenched in its anachronistic ways. As much as I love watchmaking and the watch industry, I sometimes have had to admit that the critics have a point.

Adversity is the best test of character; we all know this. Watches&Wonders Geneva has stepped up to the challenge. Their remote-working team has, through the combined miracle of technology, ingenuity and sheer willpower, created a new type of salon that could very well provide the solution to our unprecedented times.

We continue to play our part, here at WorldTempus. We celebrate modern creativity and traditional craftsmanship. We help you discover the timepieces that bring you pleasure. It remains to be seen how Baselworld will continue to play its part. I am convinced that they still have an important role to take up, that the right level of reinvention and a readiness to adapt can ensure their survival and even their success. I don’t know if they will, but I hope they do.

The past is gone, and it’s not coming back. But there is a new world before us, and we must be brave in it.