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Reuge - Exhibition ECALxREUGE

Reuge Exhibition ECALxREUGE

Pieces created by ECAL in partnership with Reuge are presented during Dubai Design Week.

At Design Ras Al Khor’s invitation (DRAK), University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) is presenting the result of two partnerships on the ‘Industry to Luxury’ theme, which were initiated with Reuge, during Dubai Design Week within the framework of the ECALxREUGE exhibition. The projects are a contemporary take by students from the 2010 and 2016 Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship on the ancestral mechanisms that have changed little since the foundation of the manufacture in 1865.

In 2010, the first partnership, headed by the famous Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana, resulted in a large exhibition on the occasion of the Milan International Furniture Fair. In 2016, the second partnership, headed by the Swiss watchmaking designer Xavier Perrenoud, was showcased during the international watchmaking fair Baselworld.

Realizations made by ECAL students

"Slightly Windy" by José Ferrufino
This music box has the distinctive feature of being made of ears of wheat overlaid with gold. The ears are fitted on to the mechanism and thanks to the movement of the cams, they keep pace and undulate with the music, as they would in the fields under the influence of the wind.

"Naked" by Jungyou Choi
The whole point of this object is to reveal the beauty of the mechanism within thanks to the two metal sliding cases. The rail system makes it possible to show or to hide the core of the object and to play with a range of effects provided by the material between opacity and transparency, between a dull and a colourful surface.

"Speaker" by Einat Kirschner
The design for this music box draws its inspiration from the contemporary music accessories, such as a radio or speakers. In order to emphasize this reference, the mechanism winding-up key is inspired by the aesthetics of the volume buttons on music equipment while keeping its style close to the traditional shapes from the REUGE brand.

Exposition ECALxREUGE

Naked, Speaker and Slightly Windy Naked © ECAL/Jungyou Choi - Speaker © ECAL/Einat Kirschner - Slightly Windy © ECAL/José Ferrufino

"Meditation" by Clément Beaugé
A music box moves the senses through sound, its aesthetics and the quality of its materials. A candle fitted on the winding mechanism draws attention while moving in time with the box mechanism and the music. This subtle light dance is an inescapable invitation to meditate and to an awakening of the senses.

"Landscape" by Audrey Temin
Thought out as a tangible interpretation of water, a heat-moulded case protects the music box and its bare mechanism. Inspired from miniature Japanese gardens, this composition blends nature with mechanics, thus creating an unexpected contrast and a timelessness concept.

"Tracks" by Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard
This project is quite the opposite of traditional shapes and soft melodies usually found in a music box. In part deconstructed, with a rough finish, the mechanism moves along jagged rails to the sound of rock-inspired background music.

Exposition ECALxREUGE

Landscape and Tracks Landscape © ECAL/Audrey Temin - Tracks © ECAL/Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

Exhibition ECALxREUGE

Until November 18, 2017

The Gallery - Design Ras Al Khor
No. 7, Street 22a, Community 612
Ras Al Khor Industrial 1
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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