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Alpina - Supporting the No Difference association in Geneva

Alpina Supporting the No Difference association in Geneva

The Alpina team ran the No Difference association alongside Jean-Michel.

A unique association in Switzerland

Founded in 2003, No Difference, as its name suggests, opens up new possibilities to people who are not handicapped, but "handi-capable". Under the slogan "no limits", it fights for the dynamic integration of people with all kinds of disabilities. Its members are encouraged to achieve their dreams and overcome their challenges. They shine in many disciplines, including martial arts, sporting and cultural events, in the same way as people with no disabilities.

Alpina Watches soutient l’association genevoise  No Difference

No Difference Association © Alpina

In 2012, under the leadership of co-founders Cynthia Odier and Claudio Alessi, the association broadened its horizons and expanded its range of activities to include dance, culture and extreme sports. Once a year, No Difference hits hard by participating in an extraordinary event, called the "Défi de l’Extrême", like the Spartan Races, for example. This symbolic act allows people with disabilities to participate in extraordinary events, speak up, question the accessibility of places and events and reclaim public space.

A natural collaboration

It thus seemed obvious for Alpina Watches to support such ambitions; sporty at heart, it had set out to design luxury sports watches offering exceptional accuracy and reliability, in challenging sporting environments in particular.

The manufacturer's latest watch, the new AlpinerX Alive, illustrates this philosophy beautifully and will help members of the association to reach their personal summit. This multipurpose watch with its very traditional design and advanced functionality is capable of adapting to any environment.

Alpina Watches supporting the No Difference  association in Geneva

AlpinerX Alive © Alpina

The AlpinerX Alive with intelligent features will enable them to measure their sports performances in real time, thanks to an array of information, as well as two major technological breakthroughs. Firstly, the measurement of cardiac activity, made possible thanks to the integration of the very latest generation Philips Wearable Sensing sensors. Secondly, the integration of GPS. This new feature records the route run or walked, combines it with the heart rate and then analyses it using the Alpina Smartwatch app, available for iOS and Android. To help ensure every training session takes place in optimum conditions, the AlpinerX Alive also displays the weather.

The Arctic Marathon 2021

June 2021 will see the extraordinary Arctic Marathon race held in Spitzberg, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The race begins and ends in the village of Longyearbyen, taking participants to Isfjord, the largest fjord on the west coast of the archipelago. What could be better than the end of the pole as a metaphor for the quest and the conquest of oneself?

Alpina Watches supporting the No Difference  association in Geneva

Jean-Michel with the No Difference Association © Alpina

Taking part in this endeavour and completing the event using arm strength is what Jean-Michel, an active member of the No Difference association, is aiming to achieve. Having already taken part in many sporting events, such as the Geneva 20 km, he was the first person with reduced mobility to take on the famous Escalade race.

Alpina Watches supporting the No Difference  association in Geneva

Jean-Michel with the No Difference Association © Alpina

A real survivor, he shared his story with us. On 7 October 2016, his life was turned upside down. He survived being shot in the abdomen and chest, but lost the use of his legs. However, the shocking accident did not take away his lust for life, or his sporting ambitions. He will be taking on the marathon in a wheelchair and in extreme conditions, requiring him to dig deep into his own resources, his qualities, his potential, his spirit and his heart.

His personal summit is the Arctic Marathon 2021 and Alpina Watches is proud to be able to support him in achieving this feat. A Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic model, itself extremely resilient, will help him in braving the vast expanses of the Arctic. Featuring a case made of 70% plastic debris from fishing nets collected in the Indian Ocean - reinforced with 30% fibre glass - and a NATO style strap made from recycled plastic bottles, this watch is intimately linked to nature and the respectful exploration of the great outdoors. These are values dear to the association that during the race will echo the threats facing polar bears in the region, not to mention the vulnerability of the far north, which bears the scars of multiple forms of pollution.  Members of the team participating in this challenge alongside Jean-Michel will also be wearing the colours of the AlpinerX Alive.

Several models from the new Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line will also be made available to members of the No Difference association, helping them rise to the challenge. Alpina Watches is proud to be supporting them in achieving their goals, reaching their personal summits and excelling themselves. It is an initiative dear to the brand, eager to follow and relay their exploits.


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