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Baselworld 7,000 lorry loads expected

Setting out the Baselworld trade show represents one of Switzerland’s largest and most ambitious logistics and construction projects.

In preparation for Baselworld, material is being brought in from all over Europe for the show's stunning pavilions.

Shipments delivered from all over the world will be directed to their final destination in the heart of Basel in accordance with an extremely precise schedule. Tens of thousands of tonnes of steel, wood, plastic, glass, cables and other materials are needed to construct this “city within a hall”. The lorries will be called in by radio from waiting areas outside the city. The transport vehicles will then follow pre-determined routes to Messe Basel and will be unloaded as quickly as possible at the site. A timetable has been drawn up right down to the minute. Even the smallest of delays by one of the lorries could lead to unrecoverable delays in the construction of Baselworld .

A true city is being built in the exhibition halls. Around 20,000 workers - including steel workers, electricians, plumbers, structural engineers, architects, painters, carpenters, carpet fitters, decorators, lighting engineers, IT specialists and chauffeurs - will be involved in the construction work during the six weeks leading up to the start of the event whereby these constructions go way beyond standard exhibition booths; they will in fact create multi-storey buildings with visitor areas, lifts, toilet facilities, kitchens, offices and the like.