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Eberhard & Co - Ambri Piotta

Eberhard & Co Ambri Piotta

Eberhard & Co renews its partnership with ice hockey club Ambri Piotta.

HCAP, founded in 1937, is the home team at the Valascia stadium, a sports rink at an unbelievable location - a small village in Ticino canton with less than one thousand inhabitants. The dream of building a competition centre with artificial ice, after years of outdoor ice hockey at the mercy of the weather, finally came true at the end of the ’50s thanks also to the efforts of a generation of sports enthusiasts. Since the Valascia has become one of the symbol sports rinks in Swiss ice hockey and the home team has become extremely popular.

Eberhard & Co., with a prestigious position in the luxury watchmaking industry acquired after 127 of uninterrupted activity to date as an independent Maison, saw in HCAP a symbol of enterprise, determination and great skill, fundamental values for those looking for a leadership role in their field. The Maison’s symbol will then continue to be represented on the athletes’ helmets and inside the Valascia stadium.




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For 130 years, Eberhard & Co. has been synonymous with passion, innovation and attention to detail and design. These values have defined the Maison ever since it was founded.

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