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Emile Chouriet - Principal co-sponsor of Sierre-Zinal

Emile Chouriet Principal co-sponsor of Sierre-Zinal

Emile Chouriet offers for the first time its support to the “Race of the five 4,000m peaks” which will take place on 12 August at the heart of the Valais Alps on a 31-kilometre trail.

In 2018, Emile Chouriet will offer, for the first time, its support to the Sierre-Zinal race, also known as the “Race of the five 4,000m peaks”, which will start on 12 August at 5 am. The Manufacture will be the event’s principal co-sponsor alongside UBS Bank. Considered as one of the finest mountain races in the world, this race takes place at the very heart of the Valais Alps on a highly-challenging route where effort, consistency and performance make all the difference. This values perfectly echoes those of the brand. In a nutshell... for the two partners, their regional base is consistent with their international reach.

Down through the decades, by building on meticulous organization and a convivial atmosphere, patiently perfected over an immutable 31-kilometre trail which includes 2,200 m uphill and 1,100 m downhill, Sierre-Zinal has successfully nurtured a unique tradition which has earned it the status as the acknowledged dignitary of Europe’s major mountain events. In 40 years, Sierre-Zinal has created a legend which has made it to mountain races what New York is to marathons: a mythical, must-not-miss happening. Building on this success, Sierre-Zinal has become part of the Golden Trail Series this year, which groups together the 5 most prestigious mountain races in the world!

Principal co-sponsor of Sierre-Zinal

© Emile Chouriet

This quest for harmony between tradition and adaptation is in line with the values of Emile Chouriet which draws too on its ancestral savoir-faire in watchmaking, driven by a constant enterprise for innovation and complex sophistication, imagined by passionate craftspeople who, generation after generation, have been creating timepieces intended for export. Mountain knowledge cannot be improvised overnight and is the result of precious expertise which, like the art of watchmaking, is gained through the years and is fine-tuned whilst always keeping in mind the unwavering transmission of experience over time. It is the combination of dedication to quality and desire for achievement which have brought Emile Chouriet and the Sierre-Zinal race together.

Principal co-sponsor of Sierre-Zinal

© Sierre-Zinal

As well as motivating competitors, the Alps and their breathtaking setting are also a powerful stimulus inspiring Emile Chouriet, in particular through its unconditionally mountain-devoted collection “Ice Cliff”. These exquisitely-designed, highly-creative automatic “Ice Cliff” models call to mind the steep peaks and are crowned with an overall finishing touch conjuring up rock and ice. A whole world suffused with adrenalin, an invitation to push oneself to new heights, as does the Sierre-Zinal race.

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The firm is committed to maintaining and passing on the values of Emile Chouriet – an integral part of its DNA. Elegance has always been associated with the heritage of the Geneva watchmaker’s knowhow.

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