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Frederique Constant - Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady

The new, feminine and elegant Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady will appeal to active women who are interested in having access to the latest technology, but who would rather wear an attractive watch on their wrist than a computer.

“We were the first to enter the market with connected horological watches, but we don’t want to venture any further into high-tech; we would be in competition with 100% smartwatches and, above all, we would no longer be Swiss made,” confided Aletta Stas at Baselworld 2017. She also underlined the fact that Frédérique Constant, despite its commitment to high-tech innovation, remains a luxury watch brand anchored in a respect for traditional Swiss craftsmanship, producing watches with a refined design. “We’re not targeting geeks. We make beautiful Swiss quartz watches, with smart functions, that don’t need charging.”

So, there we have at least three of the qualities that set Frédérique Constant’s Horological Smartwatches – particularly the latest in the women’s collection, the Horological Smart Watch Notify – apart from other smart watches: the Swiss made guarantee, a 100% classical, elegant and water resistant case, with a traditional crown and dial with hands; and a quartz watch movement with a 2-year battery life.

The functions, governed by the MMT-365 app (available for iOS and Android), are displayed intelligently but discreetly on the analogue watch face. Once installed on your smartphone, the app connects via Bluetooth to the smartwatch (the two devices are paired with one push on the watch crown, and the data can be synchronised by repeating the process). The “Notify” part of the new Horological Smartwatch’s title represents a new feature over the Classic models, and signals the introduction of vibrating notifications for calls, texts and emails. When a call is received, for instance, the hour and minute hands join together at 2 o’clock (where there is a small phone icon) for two seconds, and the watch vibrates discreetly.

Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady

Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady, stainless steel, white dial © Frédérique Constant

Other smart functions include activity tracking (the watch records steps, distance travelled and calories burned), a sleep cycle tracker (which works even if the watch is removed and placed under the pillow), an intelligent alarm that reacts to sleep cycles, an inactivity alert, the ability to set a second time zone (home time, for example, which is displayed by pressing on the crown), and smart coaching that provides tips for improving physical activity and sleep.

All this information can be viewed in the app, but some is also displayed on the watch. Do you want to know if you’ve reached your daily target of 6000 steps? Pressing twice on the crown moves the minute hand to activity mode (don’t forget to manually switch between activity and sleep modes every morning and evening, via a long press of the crown), represented by a small walking figure at 8 o’clock; the hour hand goes up to 12 o’clock, then advances to indicate the percentage of activity achieved (e.g. if you have achieved 50% of your daily target, it will stop at 6 o’clock). All the data is stored in the cloud, and can be retrieved if the watch or phone are lost. Thirty days’ worth of activity and sleep data are also kept on the watch.

Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady

Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady, stainless steel, black dial © Frédérique Constant

The Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady is available in three versions, each with a diameter of 34 mm and water resistance to 30 metres. The first is in steel with a rose gold bezel, enclosing a silvered dial decorated with guilloché heart motifs in the centre, and a light-coloured mother-of-pearl surround. The baton markers, Roman numerals and hands are in gold-plated steel. The other two versions are both in steel, with a choice of a silvered or dark grey dial, paired with steel indices, Roman numerals and hands. The watches are fitted with a contemporary strap in soft, waterproof white or black rubber.

Price: CHF 650 for the stainless steel models; CHF 690 for the steel and rose gold model.

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Frédérique Constant has made a successful business out of offering affordable luxury, experiencing growth rates well above the industry average. The owners have a clear mission to make fine watchmaking available to the largest possible audience of watch enthusiasts at sensible prices.

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