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Bovet 1822 - Bovet keeps time interesting

Bovet 1822 Bovet keeps time interesting

An independently owned Swiss manufacturer of luxury timepieces, Bovet continues to produce to the high standards originally set by founder Edouard Bovet in 1822.

If you are a watch lover or collector of timepieces extraordinaire, you are familiar with Bovet 1822. This brand, owned and operated by Pascal Raffy, creates some of the most classic yet modern, timeless yet avant-garde watches in the world.  What’s more, the brand has a heart –and has partnered – for five years -- with Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) to further the cause of helping children in Haiti).  In fact, the company just helped raise $1.5 million for APJ at a Toronto fundraiser.  “It is important to give to those less fortunate,” says Pascal Raffy, who has visited Haiti.

Raffy, a visionary with an eye for fine haute horology, channels most of his energies into watchmaking -- with a gusto that underscores his passion. He believes in the finest hand craftsmanship and extraordinary complications.

When Bovet was originally founded, the brand created pocket watches in pairs for the Chinese market. Pairs were necessary so that if a watch needed repair, the owner had the double to take its place during the return and restoration of the first (which – given the travel distance from China to Switzerland at the time—was significant).   When Raffy purchased the brand, he naturally reinstated production of the pocket watch – but with an updated twist. In a world where pairs are no longer necessary, convertibility and versatility take precedence.  As such, Raffy developed the convertible luxury pocket watch – a timepiece that can triple as a wristwatch or even a table clock.



Many of Bovet’s finest pieces feature hand-painted enamel dials. In fact, enamel is a specialty of Bovet, and the brand continues to hand paint some of the finest renditions of flowers, animals and scenes on its watches that have ever been recognized on a two-inch diameter. Thus it is no wonder that today, under Raffy’s guidance, the Bovet pocket watch business is thriving.

In fact, Bovet 1822 is doing so well with all of its timepieces -- from minute repeaters and tourbillons to sports watches and women’s’ jeweled and enameled pieces – that the brand is expanding and opening boutiques in select locations around the world.

Recently, we had the opportunity to get close-up with a few of Bovet’s finest timepieces, and it was indeed a rare treat.  Here, we bring you a look at some of these current treasures destined to be heirlooms.


Bovet-Fleurier-39-rose-joaillerie.jpgBovet-Recital 11 Miss Alexandra


The brand

The Bovet Manufacture upholds the tradition of decorative art applied to finely cut and hand-painted dials, thus passing on the unrivalled knowhow that has been gracing the Firm’s collections and heritage since 1822.

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