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Newsletter - Brexit blues

Newsletter Brexit blues

Brexit fallout, Breguet the aviator, the Freak and a musical shower. It’s just another week in the bizarre world of luxury mechanics!

My two weeks of sheer unadulterated relaxation were rudely interrupted by the most significant political upheaval in the UK that I have ever seen. After my wife woke up me with a simple “it’s Brexit” on the morning of Friday 24th June, we both spent the day glued to the television and social media on our mobile phones as events unfolded faster than anyone on either side of the debate could ever have predicted. Yet we will not know the answer to the big question: “What’s next?” until October at the very earliest, when the ruling Conservative Party appoints a new leader to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister. Making any sense of the medium to long-term impact of the referendum result, whether on the economy as a whole or the Swiss watch industry in particular, is therefore impossible. For the short-term impact, however, two industry experts offer their thoughts in my editorial published today.

« Ce mois-ci, gagnez une montre Eterna pour dames »

Although purely coincidental, it somehow seems appropriate that we have Ulysse Nardin’s “Freak” on the homepage today. In his article on this intriguing collection, which at 15 is as old as WorldTempus, David Chokron summarises the Freak as “one of the strangest watches there is [which] resembles no other and follows its own path”. Could it be the perfect watch for the intrepid and increasingly rare “Brexiteers”?

Only two journalists were invited to the military base in Evreux (France) for a somewhat unusual event that showcased a different facet of the Breguet family history. Luckily, our contributor Olivier Müller was one of them and you can read his article on the front page tomorrow. Still in France, as the Euro 2016 drew to a close, Paris hosted the usual summer shows with their horological showcases from a number of brands. Isabelle Guignet teamed up with David Chokron in the City of Light and they will be bringing you their impressions this week. Isabelle and Camille have also been putting Raymond Weil’s new Shine watch for ladies through its paces over the past couple of weeks and they will be sharing their conclusions with you on Friday. Isabelle will also reveal the secrets of the unusual musical shower from Reuge. As if we needed a reminder that it’s a funny old world.

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