Press release

While the model's official in-store release is not scheduled to take place before May 2011, and although very few insiders have been lucky enough to glimpse the first images of the models which will be unveiled at the next GTE in Geneva, Thomas Borer, the renowned businessman and former Swiss ambassador to Germany, is among the first to get a peek at the young Cyrus brand!


New ambassador for Cyrus Watches, Thomas Borer has chosen to wear the Kuros collection  DR

Much like Cyrus the Great, who conquered entire countries and regions, often with no real effort, the young Cyrus brand, thanks to its incredible aura, seems to be set on the same path, conquering very demanding wrists, by all accounts.

A lover of fine things, Thomas Borer appreciated the piece's classy and exclusive design (3 years in development) as much as its fine detail. The roundness of the piece, its finely worked curves, its 3D dial, its unique hardware?… So many elements which were able to win over a renowned Ambassador and a big collector of Swiss watches.

Monsieur Borer is one of those rare perfectionists, a man who will settle for nothing but the best and who preaches the philosophy of Difference.

In CYRUS, he has discovered the ideal timepiece, one which reflects his expectations and desires, and which is a constant reminder that Difference exists and is in his keeping.

Monsieur Borer is not a buyer, not even a consumer. He is a fan. As such he is proving that a life lacking intensity simply isn't a life worth living.

So next time you are fortunate enough to encounter Monsieur Thomas Borer, take a look at his wrist and say to yourself that this is a free man who stands before you, free to make choices and realise his desires and who will settle for nothing but the best. Not a follower, but a leader.

His choice? A Cyrus, Kuros collection, in titanium and 5N gold with an anthracite dial.

EXCLUSIVE! Thomas Borer will be present at Geneva Time Exhibition, CYRUS WATCHES exhibiting area (L20) : Monday, 17th of January 2011, from 11 am to 7 pm