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Reuge 150 years of experience

At BaselWorld 2014, Reuge showcased its latest creation of music boxes along with mechanical singing birds

The (mechanical) migratory birds have had something fascinating about them since ancient times. Already in the 1st century, Heron of Alexandria (also called “the Mechanicus”) wrote several works about mechanics that are considered forerunners of today's automatons.

Since 1865 the manufacturer Reuge in Ste-Croix in the canton of Vaud is devoted to the design and manufacture of musical boxes, mechanics and mechanical singing birds. Today, it is a worldwide reference for mechanical music and singing birds. Works of art are made daily by some 50 employees, that inspire not only collectors, but also increasingly modern and trendy people.




As Reuge is a real manufacturer in the luxury sector, individual custom requests are not considered “headaches” but rather desired and valued inquiries. Either as an independent inventor or as a partner with Lancôme, Harry Winston, Baccarat or teamwork with MB& F and L’Epée – Reuge more than confirms its identity and entitlement to a successful future in the luxury sector of mechanical music and singing birds.

At BaselWorld 2014, Reuge showcased its latest creation of music boxes along with a 40-day power reserve clock with 12 different melodies that is worthy of the Museum of Modern art made in exciting collaboration with the prestigious company L’Epée.

On the other hand, an amazing solution with JMC Lutherie from Le Brassus (Vallée de Joux) has been unveiled; a miniature musical movement will become a loudspeaker through the expertise of JMC. And "last but not least", there was a unique exhibition of mechanical singing birds: Tabatière: out of a mysterious box a singing bird appears and disappears perplexingly after he has pleased observers with his song and movement.

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