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Craftsmanship - Lambert Fils & Filles tick to the beat of a new generation

Craftsmanship Lambert Fils & Filles tick to the beat of a new generation

The Lambert family works on three production sites dedicated to watchmaking, jewelry and gemsetting.

Watchmaking, jewelry and gemsetting dedicated to serving brands

In the Lambert family, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship are the watchwords, backed by passionate commitment and rigorous discipline, as well as the indispensable ability to keep pace with their times displayed by independent firms. A gemsetter by training, Pascal Lambert has been exercising his art in the service of the finest brands (whether independent or belonging to the Richemont Group) for more than 30 years. His three children each took their first professional steps outside the family business, before joining it in their own due time and bringing their respective skill-sets with them. Anaïs continues to design jewelry creations, Kewin is a watchmaker and head of the Bulle workshops, while Virginie has trained as a gemsetter and supports her brother in day-to-day management. The three production sites house a well-knit and highly motivated 30-strong workforce..

Lambert Fils & Filles à l’heure de la nouvelle génération

A recent focus on mechanical watchmaking

The Lambert family no longer relies exclusively on its artisanal gemsetting workshop, despite it being one of the largest and most renowned in Switzerland. Nor does it rest on the laurels of its substantial experience in the realm of High Jewelry closely attuned to market trends, which has enabled them to create collections for the major brands or to advise others for launches. Their rapidly expanding watchmaking subcontracting and assembly workshops (T1, T2, T3, complications and after-sales service) meet newly invigorated demand. At the start of 2018, Pascal Lambert will in parallel be opening a mechanical preparation workshop meeting RJC subcontracting norms in the field of watch cases, developing, casing-up and finishing. “We employ an excellent engineer who is even capable of making machined mechanical watch hands.”

Lambert Fils & Filles à l’heure de la nouvelle génération

Lambert Fils & Filles in Bulle (MTK 2.0), Chênes-Bougerie and Plan-Les-Ouates : www.lff-ge.ch (Tel : +41 22 756 40 60)