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Cyrus - Full steam ahead!

Cyrus Full steam ahead!

The one-man show that is Ruben Mira is defying the market with his boutique brand Cyrus and is full of confidence for the future.

Maybe it was the inevitable euphoria of having seen his baby daughter born just three days before he left Switzerland to travel to the SIAR in Mexico, but Ruben Mira, who single-handedly runs the Cyrus brand, was brimming with confidence at the show. Having sold all of the Klepcys mechanical alarms he presented earlier this year, he is now just starting deliveries of the chronograph in the same collection. What’s more, he has recently signed up with the esteemed Japanese retailer Yoshido in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, who promptly purchased 40 Cyrus watches. This may be a drop in the ocean to a store that reportedly sells 60 minute-repeaters per year, but for Ruben Mira it is not far off one tenth of his annual production. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, when he says “it’s made my year”.

cyrus klepcys reveil

He is already looking ahead to next year. There could be new colour combinations for the Klepcys chronograph, but always sticking to a maximum of 100 pieces for each reference. More importantly, however, he reveals that he is working on a three-hand model in the same Klepcys case for next year, which will retail at a very attractive 7,800 Swiss francs. Going forward, his product strategy remains very clear: “I want to keep the same case, maybe experimenting with new materials, but always trying to offer the maximum amount of functions from the two crowns that are the signature of our case design. I am, for example, working on a flyback chronograph for 2017.” He also hints at a very limited production of minute-repeater models to be sold over the next three years.



The ambitious young entrepreneur also wants to eventually double his production compared with his 2015 output of 500 pieces, aiming for up to 800 pieces as early as next year. But despite the expansion in production, he is very happy with his role as the one-man Cyrus show. Even though it is extremely rare in the industry for one man to do everything from product development to sales and marketing, he has no plans to hire extra help. “I want to stay on my own. I don’t really need an extra person,” he says. To judge him on his record so far, we can understand this. After all, why delegate decisions and add an extra layer of bureaucracy when his direct and personal approach seems to be working so well?


The brand

Above all, Cyrus sees itself as a non-conventional firm. With a very distinctive style and a number of patented functions, the Firm is committed to proving that fine watchmaking can be innovative by getting off the beaten track, without compromising quality in the slightest.

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