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Cyrus - Interview with Maximilian Günther, Racing Driver and Cyrus Ambassador

Cyrus Interview with Maximilian Günther, Racing Driver and Cyrus Ambassador

Maximilian Günther is a German FIA Formula E racing driver who is currently competing with the BMW i Andretti Motorsport team

In 2020 he became the youngest race winner in the championship’s history when he won the E-Prix in Santiago. He recently became an ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker Cyrus and can be seen sporting the Klepcys Chronograph Rose Gold & Black DLC Steel that reminds him of the race track.

Interview with Maximilian Günther, Racing Driver and Cyrus Ambassador

Maximilian Guenter © Cyrus

At what age did you first get into the driver's seat of a car/kart?
I was six years old when I started karting.

Do you have family members who are into motorsports, or were you the first?
I’m the first one in my family. My father was always interested in motorsport but never got the chance to try it. I’m very thankful to my parents for their endless support throughout my career.

What did you enjoy most about racing when you were a child?
I loved the speed, the adrenalin, and the search for perfection at the very limit. All this and much more still fascinates me about racing.

When did you realize that you could turn your hobby into a career?
It has been my dream from the very beginning. Initially it was far off and unrealistic, but I kept following my dream and it came closer and closer.

You have had an incredible career so far – and it is only just beginning – what would you say are your favourite moments so far?
There are many moments I will never forget, but the ones which stand out are winning the Pau Grand Prix in 2017, the vice European Championship title in FIA F3 2016, my FIA F2 win at Silverstone 2018 and most importantly my two race wins in the FIA Formula E World Championship in Santiago and Berlin 2020. Especially with the one in Santiago, to become a Formula E race winner, a big dream came true.

Why did you decide to follow the Formula E route?
Because the level of competition is probably the highest in racing and the fact that there is no other championship with as many car manufacturers involved makes it very fascinating.

Is taking care of the environment and "clean" racing important to you?
Yes, it is. Everything we can do to live in an environmentally friendly way is important; it needs to be our responsibility. Formula E is a great match for this philosophy.

What are the differences between petrol-engine and electric-engine racing in terms of driving?
The way of driving these electric cars on the very limit and to perfection during a race in regards to energy management is something that fascinates me a lot. Especially the fact that we are racing on the tightest street circuits in the world; this makes this championship so challenging. The ability to tune the settings of the cars with these modern technologies makes it so exciting for me as a racing driver.

Which city have you most enjoyed racing in and why?
For me it’s Monaco. When I was 10 years old, I visited this race together with my parents. I was thrilled by the whole atmosphere. I said I have two dreams for my upcoming life: the first one is to race on this track one day. The second one is to live in this place at one point. Both dreams came true in the last years and this event, with all the prestige attached to it, is simply something very special.  

How did you get involved with Cyrus?
The first time we met was during the Formula E race in Bern in 2019. It was the day before the race weekend, Pablo and I had lunch together. Since then, we have developed a great relationship and I’m proud to be a Cyrus ambassador.

Interview with Maximilian Günther, Racing Driver and Cyrus Ambassador

Klepcys Chronograph © Cyrus

What were your first impressions when you saw their watches?
I have to say that I’m a huge watch fan in general. When I saw Pablo’s Cyrus watch for the first time, I was excited about it. The size of the watch, the skeleton design, and beauty are just outstanding. Every Cyrus watch is something special in itself and describes its own story.

Which watch are you wearing today and what do you like about it?
Today I’m wearing the Klepcys Chronograph Rose Gold & Black DLC Steel. For me, this watch just fits perfectly with the race track. The chronograph layout, underlined by the rose gold elements and in combination with the rubber strap, make this beautiful watch a perfect fit.

Interview with Maximilian Günther, Racing Driver and Cyrus Ambassador

Klepcys Chronograph © Cyrus

What are your goals for 2021?
My aim for the upcoming years is to become Formula E World Champion. I have had a great start in this championship since I joined in 2018. I have celebrated some great moments already with race wins and podiums and I just want to continue my own journey of improving and becoming a better version of myself every day. This is what drives me the most.


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