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Editorial - Thank you, Paul!

Editorial Thank you, Paul!

Paul is moving onto a new chapter, after 5 years as editor-in-chief of WorldTempus.

In his final editorial for our weekly newsletter, Paul O’Neil talks about dreadlocks and holidays. His headlines would often leave readers scratching their heads, trying to work out what possible connection there could be with watches. But our editor-in-chief always managed to land on his feet. In this case, he brought the discussion back to Hublot’s newly announced sponsorship of cricket. For five years he entertained us with his typically British humour, with articles explaining “Why our attraction to luxury goods starts at... 6”; demonstrating how “An ant among the giants shows the way forward”; celebrating “The periodic table at 150” or warning sagely that “Not everything that counts can be counted,” (which was about golf). His writing remains part of the WorldTempus history and Paul O’Neil’s will be lending his trilingual talents and keen observations to other media.

As the publishing house’s editorial director, I would like to thank him for the energy and rigour he brought to WorldTempus over the past five years, and for his contribution to strengthening the international appeal of Europe’s leading watch news website. I wish him all the very best in his next adventure.

Today you, our readers, generate more than a million page views each month, from over 100 countries. WorldTempus’s contributors are based all over the world, beginning with the place where most watch production is based, near the Swiss lakes. For a change, next week our American correspondent Roberta Naas will take us to Las Vegas for the Couture Show.

As we await the arrival of our new editor-in-chief this summer, I should like to take this opportunity to thank you, our readers, for your loyalty, and to offer my gratitude to the double handful of WorldTempus staff who continue to work behind the scenes on our website and on social media.

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11 June 2019
mahmood zahid
We will miss you Mr. Paul ! I have been reading all your articles from day 1st till now. I wish you all the best. Your well wishers from the country Pakistan. Zahid Mahmood - Regional Manager - TAG Heuer

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