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GPHG - Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
GPHG - Sponsoring LGT

GPHG Sponsoring LGT

Interview with Rémy de Bruyn, Head Private Banking International, about the LGT sponsoring of the GPHG.

Why did LGT choose to become the main partner of the GPHG?
The GPHG awards prizes for the best and most beautiful watches in the world and we are very proud to be a partner of this prestigious competition. The art of watchmaking stands for quality and innovation. Those are values that we identify with strongly when it comes to how we support and advise our clients. In addition to this, we aim to use the sponsorship to promote and help raise international awareness for the long tradition of Swiss watchmaking and the value of Swiss precision craftsmanship.  

What was your favourite part of the 2016 ceremony (an LGT representative was there, I don’t know if it was you)?
That wasn’t me, unfortunately. Because we have only been a sponsor of the GPHG since January 2017, we did not have a large number of representatives in attendance at the 2016 ceremony. But we are very much looking forward to this year’s event.

What are LGT’s connections with the watch industry (or with certain brands in particular)?
Watchmaking is craftsmanship of the very highest level, and requires absolute precision, patience, skill and care in order to be successful. It is in values such as these that we see the connection between LGT and the watchmaking industry – because we also orient ourselves along these values when we advise our clients.

Do you feel the Swiss watch industry conveys a strong image of Switzerland abroad?
Absolutely. The Swiss watchmaking industry is famous the world over for its high level of quality. That most certainly shapes the overall image the world has of Switzerland and contributes to the fact that clients from around the globe trust Swiss products and services and are interested in buying them.

Is LGT using this partnership with the GPHG to support its communication strategy outside Switzerland?
The international focus is one of the key reasons for our sponsorship of the GPHG. In recent years, we have experienced strong growth particularly at international level, e.g. in Asia and the Middle East, and the GPHG’s international exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for us to invite our clients to the various events. We are organizing exclusive LGT events for our clients together with the GPHG at specific locations such as Taipai, Dubai and Geneva.

Have you noticed your clients wearing high-end watches?
I personally am not a watch expert, but I know a lot of people who are. It’s about the passion for these objects. When it comes down to it, beauty is a question of taste, which is why there is such a wide selection of beautiful watches.

LGT also supports cultural and sports events. What are your criteria for being a sponsor?
On the one hand, sponsoring is of course an effective communication tool for building brand awareness and for brand profiling at an emotional level. But we also see our sponsorships as part of our social commitment, by supporting art, culture and select sports. Art and high-performance sports in particular are characterized by values that are important to us and that fit with our corporate culture: for example discipline and perseverance, but also an innovative mindset. That is why we sponsor the Princely Collections, the private art collection of the Princely House of Liechtenstein, for example, as well as our orchestra, the LGT Young Soloists, which is composed of a number of highly talented young string soloists, equestrian sports, and Liechtenstein skiing, the Formula E, which stands for innovation and sustainability, but also a number of social organizations and events.

Where does your company position itself, and what are your main selling points?
LGT has been focusing on serving and advising high net worth private clients and institutional investors for decades. What probably differentiates us most from other banks is our private ownership structure. It guarantees efficient decision-making processes, a very stable management structure and low employee turnover, but in particular also continuity in terms of our strategic approach and implementation. One of our company’s core values is having a long-term perspective. This applies to our business activities: we are a private, family-owned company and do not have to focus on quarterly results, but can instead take a long-term approach. And the same applies to how we advise our clients: we develop investment solutions aimed at securing long-term success and focus on continuity in the relationship. Our clients appreciate this mentality and trust our products and services. That trust is paramount to us.

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