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GPHG - Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
GPHG - The views of the CEOs on the eve of GPHG 2015

GPHG The views of the CEOs on the eve of GPHG 2015

Our editor-in-chief canvassed opinions on the GPHG among various brands present at this year SIAR in Mexico.

Jérôme De Witt, DeWitt's founder


“With the GPHG the idea of recognition is most important for me. Out of nearly 300 watches submitted only 72 go through to the finals. We are lucky to be one of them and this encourages me to look at the other watches in the same category a little bit closer and makes me think. I think we have a chance because of the creative approach of the Academia Mathematical. But there are 24 people in the jury to convince and – fortunately – not everyone has the same view or appreciation of things. It’s also funny that the Aiguille d’Or is named after the hand of the watch and mine is one of the few in the competition without any hands!”

Stephen Forsey, Greubel Forsey's co-founder

Stephen Forsey

“I was lucky because I was in Dubai so I got to see all the finalists in our category. It will be very interesting to see who wins because it is a very knowledgeable and complete jury with collectors and specialists involved. Our Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision is interesting for us and we hope it finds resonance with the jury but they have to be able to see the detail of what we do. We’re hoping that the members of the jury will be close up with the piece using the eye-glass, checking all the details. Our team has worked really hard on this piece and it would be a fantastic recognition if that finds favour with the jury.”

Aldo Magada, CEO Zenith

Aldo Magada

“I think it’s ridiculous to have any expectations, since the decision is not up to us and we will have to see.”

Guido Terreni, managing director of Bulgari’s Watch Business Unit

Guido Terreni

“We had four finalists last year and to have four again is pretty good, especially with two ladies’ watches and two gents because we are ‘defending champions’ in the ladies’ category, so it would be nice to win that again. But the Octo Finissimo Small Second in gold is my favourite Bulgari watch overall, because it is the perfect blend of masculine aesthetics and elegance with technology. I am really proud of the movement as well.”

Davide Traxler, COO Corum

Davide Traxler

“What counts at the end of the day is the choice of the consumer. I acknowledge the decisions of the judges but the competition is not on my radar.”

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