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Richard Mille -  Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

Richard Mille Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

WorldTempus met the Italian athlete at the Golf du Médoc resort to discuss her collaboration with Richard Mille, and to hear her thoughts on timekeeping.

1.73 metres of grace and elegance, a radiant smile, perfect mastery of the language of Molière and almost no trace of an Italian accent. Diana Luna is a muse incarnate, and in 2013 Richard Mille made her a brand ambassador. But appearances can be deceptive. Diana Luna is also a formidable competitor. Everything began in 2000, when as an amateur she won four Italian championships and a European junior team championship. Since then, she has earned five professional victories on the LET (Ladies’ European Tour).

How did you get together with Richard Mille? 
We were introduced in 2013 by a mutual friend, Jacques France [Editor's note: a former pro golfer who now works in golf marketing], and we hit it off immediately! Jacques was working with Richard, and he knew he was looking for a partner in women’s golf. It all happened very quickly. I had been approached by other watchmakers but nothing had come of it. What made the difference with Richard Mille is that I can actually wear the watch when I play. I never take it off. Look! [Editor's note: she unfastens her RM watch to reveal her tan lines].

 Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

© WorldTempus/Olivier Müller

What’s different about your RM?
Many things, but the main advantage is that it doesn’t move. That’s essential for me. The strap and the case are perfectly integrated, and the buckle is very slim, you barely know it’s there. Because of the curved shape of the case, it hugs the wrist perfectly. It’s unique. It always remains in place, it never moves, even though I never fasten it tightly.

Is the weight factor important to you? 
Not necessarily. In any case it’s less important than a good fit. But despite that, it’s true that when I changed models, the switch from titanium to carbon made the watch even lighter, and it’s very comfortable. Before, I had an RM 007 Titanium. My current model is an RM 07-01 Carbon TPT. I’ve been wearing it for about two months. It’s incredibly light.

 Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

RM 07-01 Carbon TPT © Richard Mille

Have you ever had any breakages? Rafael Nadal has broken several, which is what led to improvements for his model. 
No, I’ve never broken one. On the previous watch the rubber suffered a bit. It was white, and, because of the sun cream, it got slightly discoloured. Now I have a black strap. But I’ve never had any problem with the watch itself.

Is it hard for female golfers to find sponsors? 
Yes. You have to get personally involved. I’ve been very lucky in my career, most of my partnerships have been long term. I’ve been with Richard Mille for six years now.

 Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

© Richard Mille

Let’s talk about how you manage your time: are you always punctual, or are you sometimes a few minutes late?
I’m always bang on time! (laughter) Actually, I am usually on time. Even if I aim to be early, there’s always something that holds me up. But in the end I am generally punctual, despite last-minute pressures!

If you had one more hour in the day, what would you do with it? 
I’d read. I love reading and I never have the time. Paradoxically, that’s one reason I enjoy tournaments. At a tournament I have more time to myself than when I’m at home. But I still don’t have any free time; it just doesn’t exist for me. But I’m not complaining. It’s amazing to have such a rich life.

 Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

© Tom Dulat/Getty Images

What do you always find time for? 
My children. Particularly now that my eldest has started school; I can’t take her with me. That’s one of the reasons I pulled out of several tournaments in Australia. I would have been gone for a month and a half, and it wasn’t really necessary. On the whole, however, I haven’t had to take many breaks from my career. My eldest daughter was born on 28 April, and by mid-July I was back for the Evian Championship. My younger daughter was born on 8 February, and at the beginning of April I was in Morocco. I was tired, and I wasn’t in my best shape. It takes a while to get back on top form, particularly if you’re short of sleep. Having said that, after my daughter was born in 2010, I had my best season in 2011! It gave me a boost. But it’s a very personal thing. Even when I’m not competing, I still play a great deal. My job is also my passion, but it’s still a job. When it’s cold, in the winter, you don’t always feel like going out and hitting balls, but I do it anyway.

 Diana Luna, Richard Mille’s golfing partner

© Philip Neufeldt

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Richard Mille did not simply try to find his place in the watchmaking world – he carved one out for himself, constantly striving not to take anything for granted, and to make innovation and extreme technical prowess his driving forces.

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