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TAG Heuer  - Interview: Patrick Dempsey

TAG Heuer Interview: Patrick Dempsey

It’s not just on screen that Patrick Dempsey is talented. He’s also handy behind the wheel of a racing car, which naturally led to a role as a TAG Heuer ambassador.

Talented and charismatic actor Patrick Dempsey, alias Docteur Mamour, was at the Geneva International Motor Show for the press day last Wednesday. As a seasoned racing driver, he has set up his own racing team, Dempsey Racing, and for ten years already he has been participating in renowned races such as the LeMans 24-hour race, where he came 2nd in his category last year at the wheel of his Porsche Dempsey Racing 911 RSR 2015.  

So we didn’t talk about the TV series Grey’s Anatomy with him, nor about his private life. WorldTempus spoke to him about cars, but not just cars….

Tell us why you chose to partner with Tag Heuer rather than another watch brand involved in motor racing...
Like me, TAG Heuer has close ties with motor racing. And I am also a big fan of excellence and watches. Put the two together and this drew me automatically to TAG Heuer, so it seemed logical to become an ambassador for the brand.

What watch are you wearing?
A TAG Heuer Monaco. It has an atypical look and yet it is quite rightly the emblematic motor racing watch of the brand! 

TAG Heuer Monaco

Is this the only TAG Heuer watch you own?
No. I bought a TAG Heuer from 1972, the Montreal Chronograph, a long time ago, long before my partnership with the brand. It has a vintage look that I adore. And it proves that I am a genuine fan of the brand.

What does time mean to you?
Everything! It is life, work, family, free time. Time is everything that you experience. Don’t you think?

Absolutely! If you had to chose between cinema and motor racing, which would it be?
Oh, why should I have to choose between the two? It’s too difficult… We need to have a passion just as much as we need a job. So I choose not to choose. Is that OK? 

Of course! So tell us how long you have been a racing driver for and what you feel when you are behind the wheel in the middle of a race?
I have been racing for 10 years now. It’s a passion that I have had since I was very young. And I have to say that the feeling you get behind the wheel of a racing car are intense. You need to concentrate and you need discipline. You cannot allow yourself to be distracted by your surrounding. And those intense feelings, the power, the feeling of strength and the adrenaline… I love it ! You need to try it!

No fear of the dangers?
Yes and no. When racing you are outside your comfort zone. But that is also what is so interesting. There is always a risk. But which sport isn’t dangerous ? A professional skier is also at risk on the snow. And he only has his ski suit for protection. Racing drivers have a whole car body protecting them… but there is no such thing as zero risk.

Patrick Dempsey

What did you think about your stay in Switzerland?
It was way too short! But I will come back… it goes without saying! 

Could you live here?
From what I see, Switzerland is an expensive place to live (laughs). But yes, I like the beautiful landscapes and the culture – I could definitely live here!


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