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Ulysse Nardin - A new team of modern-day Ulysses

Ulysse Nardin A new team of modern-day Ulysses

Joining Fred Buyle and Alex Caizergues, the armada of “Ulysses” wid-ens with Sebastien Destremau and Mathieu Crépel.

Ulysse Nardin announces new partnerships with world class navigator and sailing journalist Sebastien Destremau and with Mathieu Crépel, the French snowboarding record-breaker converted into a real “waterman” embracing the ocean and the mountain through the water cycle and the seasons. Both are real-life heroes who embody the philosophy we have always held in highest esteem at Ulysse Nardin; heeding the call to create your own destiny from dreams, ambitions and courage.

A new team of modern-day Ulysses

Sebastien Destremau © Ulysse Nardin

Destremau and Crépel join accomplished free-diver and photographer Fred Buyle and kite-surfing champion Alex Caizergues in the Ulysse Nardin Armada of Explorers. Like the hero of Homer’s “Odyssey”, these modern-day Ulysses are unwilling to stay a pre-determined course. Instead, they see life as an open challenge, a path of possibilities beckoning them to put their mettle to the test. Each a unique force, they seek to overcome extreme obstacles in their indominable quests to follow their dreams.

A new team of modern-day Ulysses

Mathieu Crepel © Ulysse Nardin

Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin, explains what makes the Swiss watchmaker different and has elevated it into a category of its own. “The sea has always been our universe and call to adventure. It is inherent at Ulysse Nardin to push the boundaries in all domains; technical, creative and innovative. We adhere to no rules other than the ones we define for ourselves.”

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Combining cutting-edge technology with a unique heritage from marine chronometry is what sets Ulysse Nardin apart from other brands.

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