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JD.com - Distribution strategy

JD.com Distribution strategy

Chopard, TAG Heuer and Zenith have started selling their watches on the Chinese website. The president of JD Fashion,Xia Ding, explains why.

How important is the luxury segment for JD ?
The concept of quality in China is changing. As Chinese people have more disposable income, they’re increasingly interested in luxury products and a superior customer experience. Chinese consumers already buy huge amounts of luxury products when they travel internationally, but our goal is to make it easier for people to buy more high-end products at home. From the beginning, we’ve had a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeits. Today, this underpins much of what we have achieved as a fashion player. Chinese consumers look to us because they trust our products will be authentic, and brands appreciate a partner that protects their rights.

Stratégie de distribution

Xia Ding, president of JD Fashion : «In the field of watchmaking we are the main sponsor of the 18th anniversary party of GMT magazine in Geneva during the SIHH 2018.» © JD.com

Our push into fashion has been multi-pronged. We’ve sponsored shows at New York and London Fashion Weeks this year and will continue to support up-and-coming talent in the industry through efforts like our partnerships with Vogue, The British Fashion Council and Council of Fashion Designers of America.

In October we launched Toplife, a stand-alone, full-price, luxury e-commerce platform for brands to sell in China. Our core belief in the consumer experience above everything else means that we know exactly how to tailor a luxury platform to discerning consumers. They want a premier experience online that is unique and personal, like what they would get in a high-end boutique. Toplife immerses consumers in a highly personalized luxury environment that offers an e-commerce experience mirroring the offline luxury shopping experience.

What is your vision for Swiss made watches in China ?
Swiss watches are renowned in China for their heritage and craftsmanship. E-commerce has flattened the retail market by expanding the accessibility of luxury products to Chinese consumers – we want to enable discerning consumers throughout the country to have access to the best watches in the world via our in-house logistics network. We have already partnered with several leading Swiss watch brands. Having a trusted channel to buy high-end watches has transformed the market in China – during this year’s Singles Day campaign alone, our Swiss watch business grew by over 300% YoY.

In addition, this past August, Chopard made its e-commerce debut in China by launching its concept store on JD.com. Working with JD gives Chopard access to our 266.3 million customer base and provides Chinese consumers with convenient way to purchase Chopard’s iconic creations. Earlier this year in March, TAG Heuer also chose JD as its partner to launch its Chinese Football Association Super League special edition model. We plan to bring more leading Swiss watch brands onto our platform in the future to provide our customers with even more choices. 

Stratégie de distribution

The new headquarters of JD.com in Beijing © JD.com

Why should watch brands work with JD ?
We have over a decade in experience on optimizing customer experience, from our self-operated logistics network, to our use of big data that personalizes each customer’s shopping experience. We have developed innovative ways to make shopping online as luxurious as traditional offline channels. For example, we launched JD Luxury Express, a white glove delivery service that offers personalized, rapid delivery by specially-trained JD employees clad in white gloves, in electric vehicles. It gives consumers an unexpected and exciting experience when they receive their luxury products.

We have also built an exclusive and secure high-tech warehouse designed specifically for the storage and protection of luxury goods. Much like a luxury watch maker, JD’s entire focus is on providing a personalized and superior customer experience.