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Louis Vuitton - Tambour Horizon : a luxury smart watch for the globetrotter

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon : a luxury smart watch for the globetrotter

Louis Vuitton’s first smart watch helps smooth the passage for the international globetrotter.

Louis Vuitton’s first smart watch was kept a closely guarded secret until around a week ago, known internally under the codename “P12” from the fact that Hamdi Chatti, the brand’s head of watches and jewellery, had been presented with the challenge of producing in just twelve months a smart watch that was worthy of the Louis Vuitton name. As if that were not difficult enough, however, Chatti has also succeeded in his objective of presenting this watch to customers and media on the same day.

Only a few of the Louis Vuitton stores around the world were chosen for the showcase. Luckily, one of them was in Geneva, so WorldTempus had the chance to discover this new watch while there were still some available as customers were quickly snapping them up.

Although it is essentially running on the same Google architecture as other smart watches such as the TAG Heuer Modular 45 and the Montblanc Summit, relying on the Android Wear application for a connection to a smartphone running Android or iOS, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon has a number of unique selling features.

First is the system of interchangeable straps. With the launch of the new Tambour Moon collection earlier this year, whose case this watch shares, Louis Vuitton are offering something that no other brand can: an interchangeable strap system that is arguably the easiest to use and one which can actually be retrofitted to any Tambour model, regardless of its age. A tiny carbon-fibre slider, hidden underneath the strap, can be pulled back to release the strap from the lug.

Tambour Horizon : a luxury smart watch for the globetrotter

Tambour Moon Black © Louis Vuitton

Secondly, unlike most other smart watches, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon will work anywhere. This is particularly important for Chinese tourists buying their watches abroad. Often, when they get back to China they discover that their watches do not work because many of the services they require are blocked. Louis Vuitton takes this into account by applying a filter in countries like China which ensures that the local legislation is taken into account but that the watch will still work. You can even change the plug adapter included in the packaging for a local adapter at your local Louis Vuitton store.

Tambour Horizon : a luxury smart watch for the globetrotter

Tambour Horizon Monogram © Louis Vuitton

At 42mm in diameter, the Tambour Horizon is also smaller than its main rivals and starts to become interesting for ladies looking for a smart watch, particularly with the customisation and strap options that allow for a splash of colour. The watch is initially available in three versions with a case in polished or brushed steel or black DLC. This makes it more expensive than its competitors but it has more to offer. In addition to the features above, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon also offers some unique functions that will appeal to those who identify with Louis Vuitton’s universe of travel. For example, each watch has a 24-hour scale around the edge of the screen and each dial configuration includes a 24-hour indicator that displays a second time zone at a glance. A special “my flight” app allows you to upload your booking confirmations to a special account and the watch will then guide you at every step of the journey, counting down the hours to check in, remaining flight time when you are in the air and even indicating the correct luggage carrousel when you land. Once you arrive at your destination, digital Louis Vuitton city guides use geo-localisation to offer you tips for sightseeing, bars and restaurants.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon is now available in Louis Vuitton stores.

Prices: Stainless-steel: 2,360 Swiss francs; Black DLC steel: 2,930 Swiss francs


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