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Ralph Lauren - Ralph Lauren Minute Repeater

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Minute Repeater

The American designer unveils a pure classic in the minute repeater genre.

Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry, a joint venture between Ralph Lauren and the Richemont Group, is known for the classic designs of its timepieces, inspired notably by Ralph Lauren’s love of the Art Deco aesthetic. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the company’s top-of-the-range timepiece, a highly exclusive minute repeater exudes classic appeal. Were it not for a few giveaway details visible on the movement (more on that later), you could easily be forgiven for thinking that this is an antique watch.

Ralph Lauren Minute Repeater

An engine-turned dial is the first allusion to traditional watchmaking, since the antique rose engines used for such decorations are few and far between and mastered by only a handful of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. But on the Ralph Lauren minute repeater, the decoration is also continued on the bezel, reminiscent of the dashboard decorations found on the finest vintage motor cars, of which Ralph Lauren himself is also a big fan. In keeping with tradition, the minute repeater uses a (white-)gold case and a slider on the side of the case to arm the striking mechanism, which uses two meticulously finished hammers to strike out the chimes on gongs that run around the inner circumference of the case. Its size, too, respects the fine traditions of classic watchmaking. With a diameter of 42mm, it is the perfect “catch-all” size, and with a thickness of just 10.1mm its slender proportions come close to rivalling minute repeaters by other manufacturers that are described as “ultra-thin”.

Ralph Lauren Minute Repeater

Timekeeping in this rare piece from Ralph Lauren (its production is strictly limited and models are only produced to order on request) is provided by the hand-wound RL 888 movement, which has a 100-hour power reserve. It is priced at around 200,000 USD dollars, a price that compares favourably with those of minute repeaters from other brands.

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23 August 2017
Benoit Le gros
Ralph lauren a rachete breguet ?

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