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Roger Dubuis - Rhapsody in blue – SIHH 2017 preview

Roger Dubuis Rhapsody in blue – SIHH 2017 preview

Blue is the coincidental theme for the three models presented by Roger Dubuis ahead of the SIHH 2017. But the brand that dares to be rare has much bolder things in store for the future.

Other brands will no doubt trumpet 2017 as the “year of the lady”, the “year of innovation”, while some might, more honestly, but no doubt unofficially, declare it to be the “year of retrenchment”. But as Roger Dubuis now officially “dares to be rare”, according to its new slogan, which can expect more from its CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué and, as usual, he doesn’t disappoint, once again taking great delight in defying convention and titillating journalists ahead of the SIHH 2017.

There will be two new world premiers at the SIHH for Roger Dubuis and, according to Mr. Pontroué, the Excalibur men’s collection will the focus of the brand’s activities not just for next year but for two more years after that. This suggests that there are a lot of projects in the pipeline, a fact confirmed by planned announcements not just at the SIHH next year, but also at two major automobile exhibitions.

We already know what one of those world firsts will be: the first watch with a case made out of a new cobalt-chrome alloy. Produced using a trademarked MicroMelt® technology that injects tiny beads of molten metal into a high-pressure stream of argon in a vacuum, the state-of-the-art alloy is 100% biocompatible, extremely corrosion- resistant and highly durable.


This new case material first sees the light of day in Roger Dubuis’ flagship Quatuor model with its four balance wheels, linked by five differentials. Because of cobalt’s strong association with the colour blue, it is no surprise that this new model has a blue PVD-coated movement barrel cage and bridges, as well as a blue dial and a striking blue alligator leather strap. Only 8 of this particular Cobalt Excalibur will be made, each costing 390,000 Swiss francs.

At the much more affordable level of 67,000 Swiss francs, there is a new Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic that picks up on the same theme of high-tech materials and daring colour combinations. The Spider concept involves skeletonizing not only the movement but also the case itself, in this case in black DLC titanium with vulcanized rubber inserts. The strap also has a black rubber base that is overlaid with blue calfskin leather. This new Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic is a limited edition of 88.


The same black DLC titanium is used for the case of the new Excalibur 36 ladies’ model, on which the blue has a much deeper, darker tone that is accentuated by the use of sapphire set into the black DLC titanium bezel. The dial, with elongated Roman numerals that extend from the edges right into the centre of the dial, is in blue PVD with a sunburst finish. The Excalibur 36 is fitted with the self-winding calibre RD830 which has a 22-carat gold winding rotor and offers a power reserve of 48 hours. Price: 17,000 Swiss francs.  


The different hues of blues in these models, and their successful marriage with the case materials, is mere coincidence as far as these pre-SIHH models are concerned. We look forward to revealing the second world-first at the SIHH 2017 as part of what is sure to be an exciting year of launches for Roger Dubuis.

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The Roger Dubuis Manufacture was founded on the desire for independence and watchmaking excellence. With remarkable dynamism, Roger Dubuis quickly ignited the world of Haute Horlogerie and has developed over thirty completely original in-house movements. Striking a fine balance between traditional watchmaking expertise and avant‑garde design, the Manufacture became a specialist in architectural skeletonised movements.

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