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Designer Christmas - Watches in evening dress

Designer Christmas Watches in evening dress

Time appears wrapped in designer couture codes and swathed in exquisitely feminine elegance. Silk threads, frills, bows, lace and fishnets… So if you’re still hesitating between a dress and a timepiece for Christmas, there’s actually no need to choose, since the watch itself dresses you in fine style to ensure you are the belle of every ball…

They perfectly complement any chic outfit, while their distinctively couture style treats the ladies wearing them to the luxury of rendering the said outfit a mere ‘accessory’ factor. Be they evening watches or models designed for wear, these impeccably dressed timepieces are sensually clothed in splendid finery designed to enhance their appeal. There is nonetheless no need to have a fashion model-sized figure, since they beautifully and impeccably adorn every wrist without exception!

 Boucheron bow tie

No, the ultra-chic bow tie is not for men only! And no, it is not only worn around the neck with a tuxedo. In a daring break with tradition, Boucheron has opted to place the elegant bow on the wrist in the form of a strap for the Reflet watch. The strap of this cult model, featuring geometrical lines that have been fascinating women since 1947, is smoothly interchangeable. The system makes switching from the leather version to this satin strap, issued in a 26-piece limited edition picking up the brand’s prestigious address on the Place Vendôme Paris, as simple as child’s play.



Breguet frills

Bows, ribbons, lace and frills… In tribute to the favourite gowns of Queen Marie-Antoinette, who, alongside her position as Queen of France, was also the first woman to become a Breguet customer, Les Volants de la Reine jewellery watch was inspired by the most beautiful silks and pleated lace on dresses at that time. Diamonds of various shapes and cuts entwine in intricate patterns, created using skilfully mastered setting techniques. Two cushion-cut sapphires enhance the composition with their colour conveying a symbolic royal prestige. A delicate, precious means of providing a majestic setting for the temporal indications powered by a mechanical Breguet movement.



Dior lace

Who better than Dior is capable of combining the imaginary world of couture with watchmaking know-how? After the Résille, Plissé, Plume, Plumetis, Drapé and Organza models, the Maison once again pays tribute to the artisan-based culture of the workshops on the Rue Montaigne in Paris by introducing the Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie watch. The openwork oscillating weight is cloaked with an incredibly delicate setting made of silk threads worked by a skilful lacemaker from Puy, the cradle of French lacemaking since the 16th century. An haute couture watch issued in an 88-piece limited edition.



Roger Dubuis’ glamorous fishnet stockings

It is chic, refined and ever so slightly mischievous. An ideal companion for exclusive evening events, the bracelet of the Velvet Haute Couture Passementerie watch features a silk thread fishnet pattern finished with a braided trim evoking a perfect stocking top. The result is an exquisite exercise in style, masterfully crafted by the famous Parisian house of Declercq. Enhanced with pink gold and diamonds, this latest creation by Roger Dubuis, which could if preferred be swapped for a Velvet Haute Couture Mink Fur or a Velvet Haute Couture Corsetry version, boldly proclaims its glamorous femininity.




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