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Dior - Dior VIII Grand Bal

Dior Dior VIII Grand Bal "Fil de Soie"

The exceptional know-how of Dior.

"Résille", "Plissé", "Plume", "Plumetis", "Drapé", "Organza", "Plissé Soleil"... Since its launch the Dior VIII Grand Bal has celebrated on the wrist the imagination of haute couture and the exceptional know-how of the Dior brand.

With the Dior VIII Grand Bal "Fil de Soie", Dior unveils a new timepiece that pays tribute to the artisanal culture that prevails at the workshops on the avenue Montaigne.
For the first time, the oscillating mass is hollowed out and interwoven with a delicate tapestry of silk threads woven from the end of a spindle by a lacemaker from Puy, the cradle of French lacemaking since the 16th century.

Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie

The watch is equipped with a "Dior Inversé"  11 1/2 line calibre whose new oscillating mass required 13 months of research and development and one patent application.

Both light and emblematic and sculptural and airy at the same time, the Dior VIII Grand Bal "Fil de Soie" also commands a certain exclusivity, since only 88 of the two different versions are available.

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