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The H²O is contemporary, flowing and meaningful.

L'eau et le temps séparent le continent d'origine de HYT et le Mexique. Trois montres HYT uniques H²O relient ces éléments et ces lieux, grâce à leur présence à trois expositions mexicaines, à savoir l'EMWA Fest, le Berger Fest et le SIAR, qui auront lieu en septembre et octobre de cette année. Pour HYT, flux du temps et flux d'un liquide sont d'égale importance. Cette double inspiration constitue l'essence et le moteur de la H²O dont le module micro-fluidique breveté incorpore un mouvement APRP exclusif. Un trio de variations inédites accordé aux couleurs du drapeau mexicain montre le gracieux mouvement du temps. Pour une montre capable de défier la gravité, la distance ne compte pas.


H²O (green) © HYT

Radical perspectives on time

The H²O offers radical perspectives on time, through 3D transparency and a shape resembling a smoothed stone, weathered to perfection. It showcases the essential HYT union of art and science, measuring the passage of time mesmerizingly using fluids. In the Mexico-inspired trio, black liquid traces elapsed time, while a see-through counterpart reflects what’s about to come. Pale green C7 Super-LumiNova®, underneath the capillary and on the numerals and hands, supports timekeeping after dark. Like a flourishing river, life does not stand still, so the present floats elegantly at the ever-changing meeting point of the past and future, day and night. The signature of each piece’s uniqueness is a color accent on the bezel in either red, white or green, teasing the enigmatic draw of a black case and strap.


H²O (white) © HYT

The essence of flow

A cloche-like sapphire crystal offers an intriguing lateral view of the progress of time. This takes the memory to the pristine equipment of a science laboratory – and the imagination to the protective display of a precious work of art, in this case time. Viewed from the side, the skeleton digits, markers and directive arrows appear to be floating. In its entirety, the H²O is an invitation to discover and explore new dimensions of encountering time and space in context – yours. The angled positioning of the two concertina bellows is the gateway to looking behind the scenes of temporality. A jumping minute hand, crown position indicator and thermal indicator are further elements of this live performance in a meticulously constructed theater of time. The H²O traces and embraces the very essence of flow – even between continents.


H²O (red) © HYT

The H²O collection


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The pioneers of “fluidic time” have become specialists in something that had long been thought impossible: combining mechanics and fluids in a wristwatch.

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