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Sequent - The Tesla of smart watches

Sequent The Tesla of smart watches

Introducing a new Crypto Currency reward program on kickstarter.com.

The SuperCharger² is a fundamental re-engineering of Sequent's award winning first and only smart watch with an automatic self-charging battery system, providing world record power autonomy. It has groundbreaking features, because the more you move, the more you transform 100% clean kinetic energy into electrical power to support the high precision built-in, sensors that track all your activities.


SuperCharger² , Sport © Sequent

Moreover, as a world premier, the SuperCharger², in combination with the cutting edge Sequent BioFeedback app generates “SQ coins”, a crypto currency which will unlock financial advantages for additional health services and products. Sequent introduces this unique crypto currency reward program to motivate people for a healthier lifestyle while reducing their individual footprint.

Indeed, the SuperCharger² also reduces effectively your individual carbon footprint because its technology is saving millions of batteries per year and the watchbands are made from recycled Ocean Plastics.

"Some say we are the Tesla of smart watches," says Adrian Buchmann, Sequent's co-founder and award-winning designer. "For us it’s just about inspiring to live a healthier life, help to conserve nature and reduce our individual carbon footprints, all rewarded by our own crypto, 'SQ coins', it's a better experience all the way around."


SuperCharger², Premium © Sequent


The SuperCharger²  is the most advanced hybrid smart watch ever built. It is exclusively available on kickstarter.com this August, with prices starting from USD 179.

More information and registration on sequentworld.com


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Sequent has revolutionised the smartwatch world by creating the first models that can be recharged using the natural movement of the wrist. Borrowing the principle of a winding rotor from mechanical watchmaking, the SuperCharger models are the only smartwatches in the world with no battery limitations and no cables, which makes them better for the environment.

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