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L.Leroy Marine Automatic Chronograph

Baselworld - The automatic chronograph in the L.Leroy's Marine line has been inspired by the famous deck chronometers used by sailors to check the time indicated by the on-board chronometer.

Appointed official watchmaker to the Naval Ministry in 1835, L.Leroy held this prestigious title (until it disappeared) for longer than any other company in this field. Supplying more than thirty royal, imperial and national navies, as well as many merchant and military fleets around the world, the company produced more than 2,200 chronometers of all types dedicated to precision time keeping at sea before the introduction of radio-controlled and computer clocks.

Manufacturing chronographs has been a speciality of L.Leroy for almost a century and a half. The company was the world’s first to develop and patent a chronograph capable of measuring time to one hundreadth of a second and, a few years later, to one thousandth of a second.

The Marine Automatic Chronograph is available in various models, in pink or white gold. To view them all, click on the large image at the top of the article. 

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The designers, engineers and watchmakers at Leroy are all driven by the same passion and desire, which can be summed up as follows: creating exceptional mechanical timepieces, boasting certified chronometric capabilities and tried and tested reliability.

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