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Alpina - AlpinerX Alive

Alpina AlpinerX Alive

The AlpinerXAlive connected sports watch is the ideal coach for Alpina's urban sport lovers.

It’s Alive!

Ahead of its official launch, Alpina decided to make the new model, complete with new expertise, available for presale online. Given the global circumstances, this option gave the opportunity to stay home and purchase a timepiece in anticipation of a sport routine bouncing back post-crisis. FromMarch28 untilApril30,Alpina offered its community members the chance to custom design their own AlpinerX Alive using an online configurator allowing for over 1,500 possible designs and available on the website dedicated to the AlpinerX Alive. As a reward for their creativity, each model created this way was eligible for a 50% discount on the final retail price.

AlpinerX Alive

AlpinerX Alive © Alpina

On May 3 , the AlpinerX Alive and its online configurator will be officially launched. The Maison's expanding community of "Alpinists" will be able to customise their watches until June 2 , choosing from a range of colours and materials depending on how sporty or classic the look they want to achieve. The first 700 watches ordered will benefit from a 50% discount on the sale price. Beyond that, the promotional offer will gradually decrease as the number of watches purchased increases.

Comprised of six models, the official AlpinerX Alive collection from Alpina will be in store from August. The configurations available until June 2nd being exclusive to the configurator means that these timepieces will feature unique combinations.

An avalanche of new features

The new AlpinerX Alive represents a real qualitative improvement in the world of connected sports watches. More than an evolution, this is a brand new smartwatch offering for sporty urbanites. Alpina has developed new features to support them in everyday professional life, as well as their well-being and sporting activities. The new AlpinerX Alive is characterised by the complete integration of new features. The first is heart rate monitoring, thanks to an integrated sensor developed by Philips. The heart rate is now measured straight from the user’s wrist, using cutting-edge technology.

AlpinerX Alive

AlpinerX Alive © Alpina

Another new feature of the AlpinerX Alive is its integrated GPS: it is now possible to track the user’s run or walk – along with the heart rate – using the app. For the first time, these features will be displayed on a whole new high-resolution AMOLED touch screen. Thanks to an analogue and digital interface, the AlpinerX experience is more intuitive, faster and more interactive, irrespective of the exercise conditions. The watch is now equipped with a rechargeable battery, offering users up to seven days of battery life.

Like a personal trainer on the wrist

The AlpinerX Alive offers further features, including; measuring breathing, VO2 max and hydration, all essential constituents of well-being and sporting activity. To help tailor exercises to the day and to the user’s physical condition, the AlpinerX Alive has also been enhanced with weather information and a Dynamic Coach. The customised virtual assistant offers a range of exercises related to the user’s performance, sleep and data analysis, making recommendations to improve daily life and sports performance. That is then gathered, analysed and summarised within the Alpina Smartwatch app, which is free to download for iOS and Android. These new features are in addition to the perpetual calendar, GMT, chronograph, sleep and activity tracker and personalised notifications.

AlpinerX Alive

AlpinerX Alive © Alpina

Engineered for daily life

The 45 mm case for the new AlpinerX Alive is available in two variations: navy blue fibreglass (995 CHF) or stainless steel (1295 CHF). The option to combine one’s choice of strap, hands and dial makes this the perfect everyday watch for urban sports aficionados and athletes. The AlpinerX community will be able to interact with the dedicated AlpinerX Alive website in order to share feedback, likes, preferences and ask questions to the Geneva manufacture as part of another brand-new interactive experience for the Maison and members of its community.

AlpinerX Alive

AlpinerX Alive © Alpina

Connected and charitable

With this launch, Alpina has elected to support a cause close to its heart; spinal cord research, led by the non-profit Wings For Life Foundation, co-created by Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. Every AlpinerX Alive purchased between 3 May and 2 June will see 25 euros donated to Wings for Life with a view to helping victims of spinal cord injury – most of whom have become handicapped – to regain all or at least some of their movement.

*Offer excludes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Japan.


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Established in 1883, Alpina is recongised as the inventor of the sports watch as we know it today, having presented its Alpina 4 model back in 1938.

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