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Alpina Seastrong - Demystifying the smartwatch

Alpina Seastrong Demystifying the smartwatch

The sporty and elegant Alpina Seastrong connected watch keeps its cards close to its chest while offering incredible value.

Still not tempted by a smartwatch? The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch by Alpina could well change your mind, becoming the first to grace your mechanical watch collection. I tried it, and was pleasantly surprised.

The ideal watch for keeping fit

At first glance, it looks like a handsome sports watch with some diving features, plus the Swiss Made label. And it’s no coincidence that Alpina has chosen to place its smartwatch in the Seastrong collection, which includes the Seastrong Diver 300 with its well-known maritime credentials. This watch is lighter, making it comfortable to wear during activities such as running, where it can provide activity tracking functions including steps, distance, active time and number of calories used (both at rest and during exercise). This data is not visible on the watch, whose dial retains all its aesthetic characteristics; instead, they are transmitted via Bluetooth from the watch to the linked smartphone app. Simply open the app and press the crown of the Alpina Seastrong to send the data to the phone – no need to take your phone running with you if you don’t want to. The app provides further sports-related functions including a personalised training programme, the ability to set goals, and a customised nutrition programme. You don’t have to be a dedicated athlete to take an interest in your sleep patterns, and the sleep function also provides important information in support of a healthy lifestyle. While the measurements are more accurate when they are activated manually (by starting/stopping sleep mode), it’s not an essential step, as the watch’s sensors are capable of recording the duration of light or deep sleep, waking time and the number of times awakened. Sleep goals can also be added as an option, which makes it easier to see how sleep patterns change over time. Finally, a coaching function summarises all the activity and sleep results by week or by month, and provides daily advice and tips. Obviously, there is no obligation to follow them, but some of them are useful!

Demystifying the smartwatch

With a price tag of just CHF 595, the Alpina Seastrong HSM is the only Swiss Made connected watch under CHF 1,000. You can buy it from the company website here.

The advantages of a smartwatch

The most obvious advantage of wearing a connected watch is that the connected Alpina Seastrong is always accurate. It stays accurate when it has been left on the bedside table for a week (where its luminescent numerals continue to show the time in the middle of the night), and also while travelling, when the watch synchronises to the time provided by the linked smartphone’s GPS. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to find a use for the optional activity alerts, which will prompt the wearer to move when they have been sitting in front of a screen for too long. If you want to wake up without disturbing your partner, the watch’s vibrating alarm is effective, provided you don’t sleep too deeply, and up to eight separate alarms can be programmed. If you want to be alerted discreetly when you receive calls or messages on your mobile phone, notifications can be set up to make the watch vibrate on the wrist. Unlike most smartwatches, the Alpina Seastrong has a two-year battery life, thanks to its lithium battery. Another exceptional feature for a connected watch is the prestigious Swiss Made label. The Alpine Seastrong is made in the manufacture of the Frédérique Constant group, to which the Alpina brand belongs, and its smart technology was developed through a Swiss joint venture initiated within the company, with talent from Silicon Valley.

Demystifying the smartwatch

To change things up, the watch strap comes in a choice of four colours: blue, khaki, black and orange. The price is an eminently reasonable CHF 595. Careful – you’re just a click away from treating yourself. To make things even more convenient, there’s a link on this page. 

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8 June 2017
Nicolas Loren
J'ai eu moi aussi l'occasion de tester cette montre ( http://www.supermontre.com/test-de-la-montre-alpina-seastrong-connectee/ ), et j'ai noté quelques chose de très agréable : son boîtier très léger en fibre de verre. Cela change aussi des montres en acier très (trop) lourde. Pour la pratique sportive c'est un plus agréable. Je vous rejoins sur la conclusion : l'achat est tentant à ce tarif défiant toute concurrence...
7 June 2017
alfredo preite

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Established in 1883, Alpina is recongised as the inventor of the sports watch as we know it today, having presented its Alpina 4 model back in 1938.

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