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Anonimo - Epurato: a green you can wear without moderation

Anonimo Epurato: a green you can wear without moderation

It has everything we expect from Anonimo – elegance and lightness to spare – paired with a deep green just begging to be shown off.

The ideal solution, clearly, would have been a weekend in Florence to try out the Epurato by Anonimo, with photo opportunities against the backdrops of the Santa Croce, the Ponte Vecchio and the Piazza della Signoria. But Anonimo already has plenty of shots of the Epurato in the heart of the city and, anyway, clichés aside, having worn the watch for several days, it doesn’t need any Renaissance architecture to make a statement on the wrist.

In the wake of the Nautilo and Militare collections, whose names attest to the robustness, sporting credentials and muscularity of their models (with their hefty diameters of 44.4 mm and 43.4 mm respectively), at Baselworld this spring Anonimo unveiled its third collection, the Epurato. The name perfectly sums up the characteristics of the new watch. Its materials and design make it unquestionably an Anonimo, but it’s also more minimalist, lighter and softer. It’s an Anonimo that expands the brand’s horizons towards a more chic, urban lifestyle, and also appeals more to women.

Epurato : un vert à porter sans modération

Epurato imperial green © Anonimo

Revisited identity

Anonimo’s trademark cushion case is still present, but with a more restrained diameter of 42 mm, and 3 mm shaved off the depth. Added to these reduced dimensions, there are new, slimmer lugs that make the watch more comfortable on the wrist. I particularly liked the small crown, which is elegantly nestled inside a discreet crown guard, adding to the watch’s aesthetic appeal, functionality and comfort. The crown is located at 3 o’clock – very common in traditional watchmaking but unusual for Anonimo, which has always gone for more unconventional positionings at 12 or 4 o’clock. 

Bronze, a favourite material of Anonimo, appears for the first time in the Epurato collection with a highly polished finish that makes it look more like gold, contributing to the watch’s elegance. But those who, like me, prefer bronze’s more weathered look, may rest assured: after a few days on the wrist, the bronze begins to develop its usual patina, and the case takes on a darker, more matt appearance.

Epurato : un vert à porter sans modération

© WorldTempus / Michèle Brunner

Dare to wear a green watch!

If you’re not particularly fond of green and would never normally consider wearing a green watch, this Epurato might just convince you to change your mind. This particular green is not difficult to wear, and goes well with both the more masculine shades of beige and light brown, as well as brighter, more feminine colours. One day, I wore it with a straw-coloured jacket, and the juxtaposition of the two colours was very attractive. The dial is sunray brushed, which brings out a multitude of different shades of green. In full sunlight, for example, the watch glows with touches of luminous yellow which, paired with the green, go perfectly with the bronze case. The fluted bezel is another signature element of Anonimo. On the Epurato it is more visible, but also more delicate. The sunray finish of the dial extends onto the case, where it catches the light attractively.

Epurato : un vert à porter sans modération

© WorldTempus / Michèle Brunner

The felt strap is an original touch. It’s darker than the dial, in a shade known as imperial green because of Napoleon’s predilection for this deep hue. It’s classic, elegant and refined. The natural felt, made in Italy using traditional techniques, is light, soft and strong, as I was able to confirm when I wore the watch. But I tested it at the height of the summer and, from an aesthetic as well as a practical point of view, I think the nature of felt makes it more appropriate for the cooler seasons, worn with a cashmere sweater, for instance. Nevertheless, Anonimo’s new system of interchangeable straps makes it easy to fit the watch with an alternative strap.

Epurato : un vert à porter sans modération

© WorldTempus / Michèle Brunner

Anonimo brings one final touch of elegance to the Epurato, with a sapphire caseback to reveal the movement, a rare feature for the brand. The self-winding Sellita SW 200-1 calibre, supplying a 38-hour power reserve, is decorated with circular-graining and Geneva striping on the rotor.

Price: 2,990 Swiss francs.


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29 October 2018
Absolutely love the green colour! But not sure about the hairy wrist strap!
30 October 2018
I would definitely recommend checking it out "in the flesh" as it were. I have a similar ("tweed") strap on a different watch (with two other interchangeable straps for the same watch) and I've never changed it.

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