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Bell & Ross - From the Cockpit to the Wrist

Bell & Ross From the Cockpit to the Wrist

#wtbasel/ Bell & Ross has enriched its Aviation collection with three new models that are directly inspired by the cockpit.

Bell & Ross and Aeronautical Instrumentation

The iconic BR 01 Aviation collection is directly inspired by the instrumentation of aircraft cockpits, and addresses four fundamental requirements: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance.

Pushing its exploration of aeronautical navigation instruments further, Bell & Ross innovates year after year with completely new high-tech models —BR 01 Compass in 2010, and Radar in 2011—, offering a completely new way of reading time, inspired by flight instrumentation.

In 2012, Bell & Ross introduced three new versions: BR 01 Horizon, BR 01 Altimeter, and BR 01 Turn coordinator. The result was a collection of exclusive watches with an innovative display and uncompromising legibility: an absolute priority for professionals and for every Bell & Ross watch.

A new trio and a revised instrumentation panel

In 2013, Bell & Ross is enhancing the Aviation collection with three new instruments directly inspired by the cockpit, – Heading indicator , Airspeed and Climb – and essential to flying and navigation.


Bell & Ross_335409_0

• The gyrocompass, course indicator or heading indicator, is a vital instrument for flying, used during both manual flight and autopilot, which indicates the course the plane is on.

• The anemometer, or airspeed indicator, indicates speed. It measures an aircraft's speed in relation to the air through which it is moving and allows the plane to be flown in a controlled way without visibility.

• The variometer or vertical speed indicator, indicates to the pilot at all times whether the plane is ascending, descending or in level flight. This instrument works using atmospheric pressure and is graduated in hundreds of feet per minute.

With this new trio, Bell & Ross recreates the graphic style of navigation instruments as closely as possible, once again going beyond the traditional approach to reading the time.

These three new models —BR01 Heading indicator , BR 01 Airspeed and BR01 Climb— are each available in limited editions of 999 pieces.

The first 99 will be offered exclusively in a lavish collector's box containing the six instruments: BR 01 Horizon, Altimeter, Turn coordinator, Heading indicator , Airspeed and Climb. The box is designed as a control panel where the essential instruments are laid out in T shape for optimum legibility. An exclusive box that will make its owner feel as though they own a fragment of an aircraft's cockpit, delighting both aviation fans and watch collectors..

The brand

For Bell & Ross, each detail has a specific meaning and function: functionality is key, and minimalism – dispensing with superfluous ornamental details in favour of essential aspects – is vital.

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