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Blancpain - The transformations of the L-evolution

Blancpain The transformations of the L-evolution

The L-evolution R models are authentic driver’s watches: sporty, technical and slim. They complement the more complicated, precious and not quite so light L-evolution range.

When Blancpain launched the L-evolution range in 2009, it did so initially in the form of “segmenting” watches. In marketing speak, that means that they tend to divide opinions and are not intended to please everyone. As well as being rather large (43.5 mm), complicated (eight-day power reserve, alarm, tourbillon…) and precious (mainly in red or white gold), they also featured openworked dials bearing huge numerals. They represented a complete break with the overall aesthetic of Blancpain watches. Generally speaking, the latter are rather elegant and restrained, even when it comes to large diver’s watches such as the Fifty Fathoms. Almost simultaneously, a large release heralding a whole new approach made its appearance. The Super Trofeo was slimmer, more understated and unmistakably sporty. Launched within the context of the partnership undertaken with Lamborghini and the Super Trofeo, a GT competition devoted to the carmaker from Sant’Agata, this limited series has since given rise to a new branch of the family. The L-evolution R models are true racing watches clearly intended for gentlemen drivers.

The cases are sized like the previous generations, but the smoothly rounded design features a back that is narrower than the bezel, creating receding lines that slim down the watch and especially the sense of volume it exudes. The case are made in steel or titanium, with the latter given a ceramised surface treatment reminding us that titanium was a forerunner of this highly scratch-resistant material. The lugs are hollowed to lighten up the watch both literally and figuratively. The L-evolution R range centres around a flyback chronograph with a large twin-aperture date display, one of Blancpain’s specialities. There is also an extremely technical split-second variation and another more affordable one with ‘just’ the twin-aperture large date indication.

All the models feature dials in carbon fibre sourced from the same supplier as Lamborghini, and above all a distinctive and dynamic font for the Arabic numerals featuring multiple segments similar to those on a digital alarm clock. They set the perfect finishing touch to giving L-evolution R watches a track-ready look. While the family likeness between the L-evolution and their counterparts with the extra R is not readily discernible, this matters little, since it is after all only a name. The watches themselves have their own specific appeal and a sophisticated ergonomic design that makes them easy to wear, even on a small wrist. Thus endowed with comfort, a consistent design approach and carefully executed finishes, they have definitely earned their spot on the starting grid.



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Blancpain is the archetypal Manufacture: with a watchmaking heritage dating back several centuries, it has successfully preserved its watchmaking tradition, whilst welcoming a spirit of innovation.

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